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Never forget

I debated writing this post because I try to keep things light and palatable over here. But knowing the truth is why this blog exists in the first place. It is also what has made me a more compassionate human.

While N and I do celebrate the “stuff your face” holiday, its true origin is not lost on us.

Image from Seattle’s David Horsey, cartoons and commentary. Click pic.

I think (hope) most people celebrate this holiday, not to commemorate an oppressive time in American history, but rather to spend time with family and to give thanks.

Unfortunately, the holiday built on oppression perpetuates oppression.

Image from Dan Piraro of Bizarro Comics. Click pic.

So when I embraced veganism and Thanksgiving eventually rolled around, I felt I had two options:

1) Don’t celebrate and perhaps lose what little credibility I had left as a “normal human” to non-vegans (i.e. potential future vegans), most of which was lost when I became vegan. The result of this would be that all words coming out of my mouth or from my fingers would be interpreted as “I am crazy, I am crazy, I am crazy…”.


2) Eat, drink and be merry vegan-style and then blog about it. It’s a win-win. I won’t lose my non-vegan street cred, and therefore, potential future vegans will be more open to seeing that being compassionate does not mean completely foregoing all “traditions” or yummy food (yummy food post to follow). ┬áPlus, I get to eat lots of gravy.

I chose option 2.

Hi friend. Happy Thanksliving!

Image from Respecting Animals. Click pic.

Click here to get a little insight into the emotional lives of these beautiful animals at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.