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TruVeg International Vegan Cuisine in Eugene, Oregon

I love that feeling I get when I happenstance on something wonderful when or where I least expect it. Like that time I found a crisp twenty-dollar bill in the back pocket of some jeans before I did the wash.

TruVeg Eugene, Oregon - Luminous Vegans

Or that time we were driving around Eugene exhausted from searching for a place to live and found a vegan food truck tucked into the parking lot of an auto mechanic shop. The owners of the TruVeg International Vegan Cuisine were some of the nicest folks I have ever met. Even though we were outside on a drizzly, cold day I felt like I was being warmly welcomed into someone’s home.


The menu is 100% vegan and they also offer many raw dishes. I ordered the Bi Bim Bap which was sautéed carrot, onion, mushroom, spinach, and spring onion served over brown rice with their own spicy kochujung sauce.


I had never had a Bi Bim Bap prior to this so I didn’t know what to expect. But I fell hard and fast for this dish. The combination and ratio of well cooked veggies was perfect and there was plenty of their spicy, flavorful sauce to coat every single bite. Shortly after this meal we drove up to Salem, Oregon and every twenty minutes or so I blurted out — gosh, my lunch was soooo good…I can’t stop thinking about it. That’s how delicious it was.


Neal ordered the Singapore Noodles which was mung bean noodles with sautéed onion, carrot, mushrooms, spinach and spring onion seasoned with their special curry spice blend. While full of flavor and very delicious, it didn’t compare to my preciousss Bi Bim Bap bowl. Or perhaps I just wasn’t in a curry mood.

TruVeg Eugene, Oregon - Luminous Vegans

What I like about TruVeg, aside from the insanely delicious and filling meal I got from them, is their commitment to caring about people, animals and the environment. All their containers, bags and eating utensils were completely compostable.

TruVeg Eugene, Oregon - Luminous Vegans

What’s more is that when I talked to the owners they mentioned wanting to have a brick and mortar location. And it looks like that is slated to happen in January of 2014! It doesn’t matter to me if they are in a truck or in a building. I definitely plan to go back for the Bi Bam Bap bowl and to try other things on the menu.

Have you ever had a Bi Bam Bap bowl? What is your favorite vegan food truck?