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Weekend Update

What I did this past weekend:

Tried to finish some knitting projects, but did not succeed. The yarn I am using is cotton based, no wool for me!
IMG_0237 _Snapseed

Went to a vegan bake sale. A lot of stuff had sold before we got there, but we got to see Neal’s work on a postcard/flyer and still came home with some goodies (they melted a little because we were on bikes).vegan_bake_sale_2013

Went to the co-op to get some stuff from bulk and ended up trying this new popcorn from Earth Balance (it’s good!) and rehydrating with coconut water.sevenanda

Rode bikes everywhere.IMG_0279 IMG_0288 _Snapseed

Had to do some work. Boo.IMG_0323 _Snapseed

And ate some food:

Left over Mellow Mushroom pizza (vegan) with some ginger ale.

IMG_0321 _Snapseed

Homemade vegan Ethiopian food from a student…one of the few perks of being a teacher!IMG_0230 _Snapseed

Game of Thrones night meal…mock chicken wings, mashed taters and asparagus.IMG_0204 _SnapseedWe also went to a raw restaurant over the weekend, but I’ll blog about that in a separate post because I am tired and have to get ready for the grind tomorrow. The grind is work and tomorrow is today since I am not posting this until tomorrow which will actually be today if you read this Monday. Ya follow?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Atlanta Veg Fest 2013 and Vegan Bake Sale!

It’s seven months away but we are super excited about the upcoming Atlanta Veg Fest on Saturday, November 9th.  Not only because last year’s was a great success and a lot of fun, but this year Neal has created an original illustration exclusively for the event!


Click on the pic to see all of Neal’s work.

The masterminds behind Atlanta Veg Fest will be putting up Neal’s hand printed design for pre-order on their website sometime soon. The Atlanta Veg Fest facebook link has all the up to date info on everything surrounding the event, including info about the Atlanta Vegan Bake sale on April 20th which benefits the ATL vegfest.  That’s THIS Saturday people! I can’t wait to see what kind of goodies they have there this year!


Image from Atlanta Veg Fest facebook page.

Oh yeah! So much good stuff coming up for vegan ATL!