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A weekend, brought to you by the letter T

T is for Thai Larb Noodle Salad.  This dish is traditionally very pork-heavy.  No pigs were harmed in this version and it came out mouth-wateringly delicious.


T is for three pups instead of the usual two. We were dog sitting for a friend, so that meant three times the cuteness in the house for a while.weekendT-8750-2


T is for testing out making almond butter in the food processor. The first time I made almond butter was in my beloved vitamix and as much as I love that appliance, it didn’t come out as smooth and creamy as it did this time.weekendT-8540-4

Making almond butter is a practice in patience. It takes awhile for the almonds to release their oils, so I pulled up a chair and got comfortable.weekendT-8562-5

It was worth the wait.weekendT-8541-6


is for taking walks. I’m enjoying the weather as we slooowly start to transition to fall down here in the south. weekendT-8608-8

is for take-out. We haven’t eaten out in a while so we treated ourselves to food from Greensprout Veg Chinese. We got hot and sour soup (no egg), chikin drumstucks andweekendT-8661-9

sesame portobello with broccoli.

T is for time out to relax. I love lazy Sunday mornings where I can just graze on breakfast-y foods and read the paper.weekendT-8724-11

T is for tasty treats. A perfect way to end a late Sunday afternoon is with creamy root beer floats. I put two scoops of ice cream and then poured the root beer in. How do you make yours?


is for tomorrow is coming too soon!