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Lemonade for your face

My skin has been a bit dull as of late.  So I decided to visit a spa, otherwise known as my kitchen, to get a quick pick me up. I’ve used this scrub many times before and it is a great body and face exfoliator.

I used the following:

  • 4 tbs organic cane sugar
  • 1 tbs lemon juice (I prefer fresh lemon juice, but hey)
  • 10-15 drops of kukui oil (Any oil that doesn’t break you out should work. I’ve also used jojoba oil in the past)
  • a clean empty container with a lid (I’m using an empty 2oz Soapwalla deodorant container. If you don’t have an empty Soapwalla deodorant container, I suggest you buy the deodorant first b/c you will fall in love with the deodorant and then you will have an empty container once it’s all used up.)

I mixed everything up in the container, stirring with a chopstick. When the mixture sits, the oil/liquid will sit on top and the sugar will settle.

So when I use it, I just make sure to kind of dig in and mix it up with my fingers.

I use this on my face after I wash it in the shower. It leaves my face feeling smooth, refreshed and moisturized due to the oil. This stuff also works great on my body though I tend to just use it for dry spots (read: elbows and feet). I’ve made this scrub many times tweaking it depending on my skin. If my skin is parched I add more oil, if it’s really flaky I might add more sugar to up the scrubbability, and if I feel like being able to eat my face scrub, I leave out the oil altogether.

What home DIY stuff do you use?