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German Plum Cake with Streusel

I have a sweet tooth and I love eating desserts. However, I don’t like making them that often because usually it’s like — measure one million ingredients, now mix the wet stuff in a separate bowl from the dry stuffs that must be sifted grain by grain, next keep the warm stuff in a cup balanced on your nose away from the cold stuff but then slowly add the cold stuff to the warm stuff keeping them separate .

Ok I know I’m exaggerating, but can’t I just twitch my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and have desserts magically appear in front of me?

German Plum Cake with Streusel - Luminous Vegans

Soooo, easy desserts are key for me. When I make a dessert from a recipe* it must:

  • Be simple. The directions should not be a mile long and the ingredient list should be fairly short and include easy to find stuff.
  • NOT involve rising dough as I have an irrational fear of dough-making involving yeast.
  • Look amazing…like something I would stuff in my face hole all day, err’ day. This is an obvious requirement, no?
  • BONUS (not required) if it is a dessert that I can fool myself into believing is also a breakfast dish. Usually the involvement of fruit is key.

When I came across this German streusel plum cake on Seitan is My Motor during Vegan MoFo, it satisfied all three requirements and even the BONUS. The weird thing is that I don’t even eat plums. Plums just don’t make it into my grocery cart. But when I saw this beautiful dessert and how simple it was, I had to have it. Especially when I saw these beautiful plums at the farmer’s market.

German Plum Cake with Streusel - Luminous Vegans

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly which was as simple as make batter, place plums, make and crumble streusel on top. My plums seemed to be slightly bigger. I ended up using five plums total. Here’s a shot of how I laid it out pre-baking below.

German Plum Cake with Streusel - Luminous Vegans

I also used unrefined coconut oil instead of refined coconut oil for the streusel topping because that’s all we have. And I baked it for about 10-15 minutes longer at 320F to get it to that “finished” state (most likely due to oven differences).

German Plum Cake with Streusel - Luminous Vegans

None of these slight alterations (or perhaps errors in the plum layout) mattered. After baking, everything magically “melded” into a beautiful and tasty plum cake with streusel. It was eaten pretty quickly by just the two of us because it was so delicious! I ate it for breakfast. I ate it for dessert. Yes, on the same day. More than once. Thank you to Seitan is My Motor for a fabulous recipe!

Do you have any requirements when it comes to making (or eating) desserts or other dishes?

*These are rough requirements for non-dessert recipes as well.