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Spreading the vegan muffin love!

Hsauce’s parents came into town this week and I thought it would be nice to bake some muffins for them. His stepmother seems really interested in the whole vegan diet thing and I just wanted to show her that vegan baking is easy and delicious (well, hopefully they liked them!). I baked two different batches.

The first were lemon poppy seed muffins which didn’t come out as “lemony” as I would have liked. This was because I didn’t quite have enough grated lemon rind for them. I added a touch of lemon pulp to make up for it but I didn’t want to go overboard with it for fear of the muffins becoming too moist and/or mushy. But in the end, they still tasted really good. Texture and moisture turned out just right!

The second batch of muffins, the house favorite, were apple crumb muffins. This was full of real apple goodness including a half cup of grated apples and a half cup of apple chunks. This is definitely more of a dessert-type muffin. Hsauce even warmed one up one evening this week and had it with some vanilla soy ice cream! I brought a few of each muffin to work to give away and most people went for the apple crumb ones first. I enjoyed them both, but given my sweet tooth, I must say that I did enjoy the apple crumb ones a bit more. Both recipes came from VV.