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Tassili’s Raw Reality

As far as I know, there are only two pure raw food restaurants in Atlanta: Loving it Live and Tassili’s Raw Reality. Loving it Live is great, but it’s pretty far for us. So we were happy to discover Tassili’s Raw Reality a couple of months ago.

IMG_0324 _Snapseed

Outside they have produce and herbs growing. How awesome is that!

Image _Snapseed

The inside feels very cozy. Partly because it’s small but mainly because it’s decorated with warm, inviting art and colors.

IMG_0339 _Snapseed

It’s the kind of place where you place your order at the counter and they bring the food to you or you can take it away.IMG_0330 _Snapseed

A lot of the menu items are displayed in the front glass case. IMG_0332 _Snapseed

Since a lot of things are prepared fresh, a longish wait time during peak hours is not uncommon. The wait is not bad since it’s such a cozy place and on Sundays they have live music.IMG_0352 _Snapseed

On our first visit, we got a lot of food in order to try a bunch of stuff. Neal got (clockwise) the sweet coconut corn, pad thai noodles, curried plantains and karamu couscous.Image 1 _Snapseed

I got (clockwise) black love stew, spicy kale salad, a nori roll and black-eyed pea hummus.Image 3 _Snapseed

Now I think we’ve figured out our favorites. These descriptions are taken from the online menu.

  • karamu couscous:  A lightly sweet, fluffy, festival of couscous, raisins and berries that is perfect on its own or as a complement to the Spicy Kale and other savory dishes
  • sweet coconut corn: This dish is like drinking sweet kernel corn right from a freshly split coconut bowl cut straight from the tree.
  • spicy kale salad: With one of nature’s most nutritionally complete foods as its base, Tassili’s Spicy Kale is a flavorful blend of fresh kale, red onion, sun dried tomatoes, spices and, of course, the love that brings it all together (personal note: this stuff is for reals spicy and I don’t normally like spicy but this is soooo good!)
  • nori rolls: How can so much satisfaction be packed into such a little unassuming roll? Taste it and you’ll understand. Tassili’s Nori Rolls is a flavorful blend of sunflower and pumpkin seed, wakame seaweed, scotch bonnet and spices (I cannot eat at Tassili’s without having at least one nori roll)

IMG_0346 _Snapseed IMG_0350 _Snapseed

There are still many things on the menu that we want to try like the w-raps, spicy naked tacos and the eggplant pizza so we will be back.

What are your favorite raw foods and/or restaurants like?