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Dude, what’s a blog? I’ve been working so hard to help “put food on my family” that I haven’t had time or energy to post. So of course I’m just going to inundate you with pics from my phone now…of course. So, in no particular order…

Eggplant parm sandwich with a side salad and spicy mango and avocado cucumber gazpacho from Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe.

The easiest, creamiest and tastiest nooch-based mac and cheese recipe evah!!! Seriously. It’s from Susan Voisin over at FatFree Vegan Kitchen.

I think I made this twice in one week. This here second time, I stirred in some peas and elegantly dotted it with some Sriracha sauce. Oh yeah.

Our local asian market sells these frozen vegan fish slabs. One night, N fried them up and we ate them with cocktail sauce and noochy, bread-crumb covered baked brussels sprouts.

I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in awhile but this is what is on them, a short sleeve pullover/t-shirt thingy. After I passed the interesting neck section, I can’t bring myself to just knit the boring bottom part (knit, knit, knit…). The yarn is a hemp-based yarn.

One day when I accompanied N to Sam Flax art store, we saw this. This is the first seedbomb machine I’ve seen in Atlanta. Super exciting! How it works: insert coins, get seedbomb, throw seedbomb somewhere with dirt, repeat, watch your city fill up with plants native to the region.

N was feeling brave one day and decided to make Vietnamese crepes again. He did a better job than me.

Samoas-style vegan pancakes at Radial. Yes. Like the girl-scout cookies. I’ve been leary about Radial Cafe ever since we found a huge chunk of brisket, yes brisket, in our food after numerous strange interactions with a server who overly emphasized the fact that we were vegan. The pancakes were nom so Radial, you’re regaining my trust again. Maybe you and I were just meant to be breakfast friends.

Breakfast biscuits at Dough Bakery and Gutenfleischers.  These babies are so good and so reasonably priced. They also have these as grab-n-go meals kept warm or in the fridge for stocking up.

More eats from Dough Bakery and Gutenfleischers. This here is a vegan gyro wrap with a side of potato salad.

Yup, there’s more. Vegan french dip sandwich with a side of “beet it or I’ll kale you” salad. Love that name!

And of course, dessert. A strawberry whoopie pie from Dough Bakery.  Damn you Dough and Gutenfleischers for being so delicious! Not really, I love you guys and will probably be there tonight or tomorrow to get that SK philly special!

N’s parents gifted us with passes to the High Museum, so we went recently to see the Hale Woodruff’s restored Talladega College murals.

Across the street (nearly), is the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). We went there too to catch the “Skate it or Hang it” exhibit.

I got a hold of some fresh mangosteens from the farmer’s market. I only had them canned before so I had no idea how to open them. First I sawed at em’ with a knife, then I found this video on how to open them. Life got easier and I ate them all.

A quick meal of quinoa chili over masher taters.

Tempeh-bacon, lettuce and tomato sammich with avocado and sprouts.

My favorite raw breakfast. Raw ackee mixed with 1/2 cup of smooshed young coconut, cilantro, tomatoes, black salt and chives. I had it with mangoes and avocados.

Hanging out at one of my favorite used bookstores, Book Nook, one rainy Saturday afternoon.

A curry dish made with Patak’s mild curry simmer sauce kale, tomatoes and canned seitan over jasmine rice.  N added coconut milk to make it creamier and less spicy for me because I am a spice wuss.

And finally, these guys. Always these guys keeping me sane. She stood like this for 2 minutes.

This guy kept me company when N was sick in bed one weekend. We laid about and he helped me grade papers.

Party hard

This past week has been my spring break (I’m not a student). That is why I haven’t posted in awhile…because things have been getting wild-crazy up in here! It’s been a non-stop party.

The party started with catching up on reads.

The all out rager continued with catching up with crafty stuff.

The party got a little out of control when we decided to get all healthy and bike everywhere,

and hike Stone Mountain.

Ahh, nothing says nature like an electric pole covered in gum.

No party is complete without food. Eating out. We did that.

Breakfast special at Radial *Click on the pic for the link to the restaurant*

I folded it in half. Radial did not.

Vegan tacos from Holy Taco *click for link*

Eating in. We did that too. The point is, I got to eat good breakfasts, as opposed to the normal stuffing cereal in my mouth at lightning speed as I dash out the door.

Shiitake, potatoes halfway cooked in the microwave, cubed "ham", green onions, garlic and red/yellow onions.

Smashed firm tofu mixed with salt, turmeric, pepper, and other spices.

A cup or two of soygurt and 2 blobs of peanut butter blended to make a fruit dip.

After sautéing the veggies and tofu with Daiya and slicing up some fresh fruit.

Props to Tiffany at livelearnloveeat.com for the fruit dip inspiration. Click on the pic for the link!

And no party is complete without some puppies. Those guys really know how to party.

Spring break 2012…woooooo! Let me hear ya holla!! Does anybody have some aspirin? My head is killing me.

Happy Holidays (Goodbye 2011)

So my holiday vacation is coming to a close and the year of armageddon is upon us.  Will you be safe from the rapture?  I know I won’t, but at least I ate some good food…let’s take a looksy.

Starting with the good food that was given away as gifts (yeah, we ate some too).  Vegan gift bags included peppermint bark (from the Nov/Dec issue of Vegnews),

cinnamon, sugared almonds (also from Nov/Dec issue of Vegnews),

and banana bread from the PPK (which I didn’t get a pic of).  Everything was bundled into baggies and tied with homemade crochet starts and labeled with tags hand drawn and designed by N.

One baggie went to our friend the Former Fish Taco Fanatic and I think everybody enjoyed it.  No more buying sugared almonds from fairs anymore, this stuff is so easy to make and tastes even better!

I also baked some vegan Pannetone in the bread machine:

It was good.  The texture wasn’t light and fluffy like real pannetone (still working on that), but it did have the spicy, orangey flavor that is what makes pannetone tastes good.

Other highlights from the holiday include:  tofu cutlets and mac and cheese from SoulVeg,

gingerbread cookies from Dulce Vegan,

curried lentil soup (also from Dulce),

chocolate pancakes from Radial Cafe,

pho from Loving Hut,

and when we went to my sister’s, she made this awesome breakfast casserole for us that had tofu scramble, bell peppers, squash, Daiya cheddar and tater tots on top!  The recipe was based loosely on this one from Ellen’s website.

Yes, good food all around.  Sharing it with friends and family was even better.

My nephew with the dinosaur I crocheted for him using vegan yarn (no wool!)

My other nephew with his kick ass pajamas getting ready to feed the reindeer.

Miles and my niece having a moment together.

So onward to 2012 where more good times and good food shall prevail…and if the rapture comes and I’m shot straight to hell (where I imagine all atheist heathens go if there is a hell)…. so be it.  I bet hell’s a pretty cool place.