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A Tribute to Portland Food Trucks

It goes without saying that the food in Portland left an indelible mark on me. But there were two vegan food trucks in particular whose taste I constantly craved when we left – The Native Bowl and Homegrown Smoker.  Here is my tribute to these two kick-ass Portland food trucks who inspired a creamy mac and cheese barbecue bowl revolution in my kitchen.


This bowl is a combination of The Native Bowl’s Mississippi Bowl and Homegrown Smoker’s Macnocheeto and is simple to put together. First, start off with your favorite vegan mac and cheese. I used Isa’s Chipotle mac and cheese recipe which is now my go-to mac and cheese recipe.


Next, put a layer of barbecue soy shreds, curls or even tempeh on top.  I used these soy shreds which I pick up at my local Asian market. To prepare them, I soaked the dry soy shreds in water for about 20 minutes to soften, squeezed the water out and then pan-fried them up with a liberal dousing of barbecue sauce.


On top of that goes a layer of your favorite cole slaw. I made a quick sweet and tangy coleslaw by combining a bag of pre-cut cole slaw mix with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, sugar, a little olive oil and salt and pepper.


Next, add a generous handful of chopped green onions.


Then drizzle on some ranch dressing. I used Isa’s Sanctuary Dip recipe, but store bought also works. Or leave out the ranch dressing altogether if it’s not your jam (this is what Neal did).



And finally, dig in. You can stir it all up and make a beautiful mess or carefully dig through the layers like a geological surveyor. It tastes good either way!  I’ve made several variations of this bowl swapping the barbecue soy shreds for sweet baked beans and the mac and cheese for rice.


According to my phone in the past few months I made stuff, ate stuff, did stuff and shaved stuff.

I finished up this Gemini top. The yarn is a hemp, cotton and rayon blend. No wool for me!IMG_2149Some amazing-ness that I got at Dough Bakery. I think it’s their Sunday “Southern Benedict”- open faced biscuit with eggless patty and Gutenfleischer’s meat topped with sausage gravy. IMG_1939Doughnuts from Revolution Doughnuts. They are not a 100% vegan shop, but they clearly label all the vegan doughnuts and usually about half of their doughnuts are vegan! These look like (CW from left) chocolate glaze, apple fritter, coconut and king cake.

Typical Game of Thrones meal: vegan drumsticks grilled in BBQ sauce, sautéed green beans and shrooms, and mashed taters.

The behind-the-scenes of a wannabe food photographer. This was for the Sansa lemon cakes.


Leftovers from Cafe Sunflower. Quiche on the left and soy chicken enchilada on the right (these were on the “specials” menu).IMG_2130

Vegan junk food from Food Fight Grocery when we went to PDX. Can you guess what the non-labeled item is?IMG_2185

The tropical greens smoothie from Canteen in PDX.

Nachos with Trader Joe’s soy chorizo, kidney beans, nacho teese (from my VVC swagbag) and green onions.IMG_2246

My most favorite candy bar. They’ve changed their packaging a bit and the bar looks a little different but it still is hands-down my favorite chocolate bar.IMG_2431

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (also from my VVC swag bag) with sliced strawberries snack time.

Banana chia oatmeal from Oh She Glows.IMG_2350

Blueberry cobbler that Neal made. I think he just veganized this recipe from Rachael Ray.IMG_2368

Another goodie from my Vida Vegan Con bag. It’s a superfood disguised as a vegan starbust candy.IMG_2210

I made the Chipotle Mac and Cheese recipe almost as soon as Isa put it up. We ate most of it in one go and only had a little leftover. To make it another meal, I topped it with sweet baked beans and some cole slaw. I love this mac and cheese.

This is the picture text I sent Neal after I posted the above pic on instagram. I realize I am an uber dork. I’m okay with that.IMG_2373

A morning of knitting wash cloths and drinkin’ a smoothie- almond milk, banana, chia seeds, Eat Pastry cookie dough and raw almonds.IMG_2441

Experimenting with a new phone app called “Over” that puts text over images. The cashew cheese spread is a recipe from an old VegNews magazine.IMG_2404

Hanging out with Neal at the art festival, Artlantis. He mostly does gig posters, but he has created an original illustration for the upcoming Atlanta Veg Fest.

Miles- looking all goofy after Neal stuffed blankets around him.IMG_1898

An afternoon walk near the Chattahoochee river. A big storm knocked some trees in the path. Miles is already very afraid of sticks so he wasn’t going anywhere near this. Neal had to carry him over. Nikko (our other greyhound) jumped over it because she’s a bad*ss like that.IMG_2333

Oh yeah, and I shaved my head using Neal’s clippers with a #3 guard (I think).  It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. It’s perfect for summer don’t cha think?photo

Whole Foods for a Well Vegan

I am testing out this 14-day free trial of Well Vegan, a week by week vegan menu planner, that I read about on Glue and Glitter. Though I’m not a vegan for health reasons, my gut is telling me (pun intended) that I need to start eating more whole foods.

We have made the following so far:

Almond Quinoa Muffin

almond_quinoa_muffinsI have never made a muffin that has quinoa in it! We used dried apricots as our fruit.

Broccoli Pesto Pasta

brocollipesto N made this and he thought I wouldn’t like it because it was “lemon-y”. That’s actually why I love this dish! It’s a unique take on pesto.

Tofu Scramble and Hash Browns

IMG_2987 _Snapseed This meal pulls from the ppk tofu scramble (we added in nearly all the suggested add-in veggies). We cut prep time even more for this meal by using our food processor to slice up the potatoes and onions for the hash browns.

Using Well Vegan has been a wonderful time saver! I just have to hit print and I get the weekly shopping list, meal plan and recipes all in one. The shopping list is simple, already having most of the items in our pantry, and the meals are straightforward and realistic for busy people.

Helllloooo to a healthier me! Gym, here I come!! Cookie, I can eat you because I ate my fruits and veggies earlier.

Smell that? It’s October.

I am in love with all October-y stuff. Um, hello pumpkins, Halloween, fall leaves, sweaters, cinnamon…need I go on? I was feeling prematurely October yesterday so I decided to make “The Best Pumpkin Muffins” from Isa (from Post Punk Kitchen, duh). I followed the recipe except I subbed maple syrup for the molasses and I used a smidge less oil.

I whipped up an icing to put on it because I just bought some Madagascar vanilla beans and wanted to use it. I used a fork to mash together 1tbs of margarine (Earth Balance), and 1 cup of powdered sugar. Then I slowly added almond milk until it was the consistency I wanted, scraped some of the vanilla bean into it and stirred until smooth.

These were so easy to make and are just as the title says, “The Best Pumpkin Muffins”. I’m going to nom on these dessert-for-breakfast muffins all week.

PS: I’m really upset that I missed the deadline for Vegan MoFo. 😦 BUT, I’m still going to use it as a motivator to start blogging regularly. Sleep is over rated anyways.

Dessert for breakfast

Probably the best thing about being all independent and adulty, is being able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want (mostly).  This includes sweets for breakfast. This will probably be the first of many posts involving desserts cleverly disguised as breakfast because, well, I like sweets!

This delicious banana bread from PPK qualifies as breakfast because it’s got bananas and it’s bread.  It’s like eating a fruit with some toast……and chocolate chips thrown in 🙂

French toast is definitely breakfast food, right?  It’s toast.  Sure it’s toast that’s dipped in cinnamon “eggy” batter, fried and smothered in maple syrup and vegan margarine, but it boils down to the simple equation of toast + fruit again. This particular batch was made from the never-home maker‘s recipe using a french baguette from the farmer’s market. PS. this is actually on the healthier side b/c the “eggy” batter has bananas, soy milk and chia seeds.

Sometimes the toast + fruit equation gets a little boring.  So to change it up a bit, wait for it……………..puffed  toast + fruit!  This is an apple strudel recipe from veganyumyum’s book.  Did you know that the most famous brand of puff pastry is vegan?

And finally, I tend to believe that scones are an invention made specifically for me.  I imagine the person who invented scones (just for me) saying, “here ya go, have some cake for breakfast”.  But hey, throw some blueberries in it and it’s just baked toast + fruit…right?

This delicious scone recipe came from the vegan bicyclinguist.

Happy Holidays (Goodbye 2011)

So my holiday vacation is coming to a close and the year of armageddon is upon us.  Will you be safe from the rapture?  I know I won’t, but at least I ate some good food…let’s take a looksy.

Starting with the good food that was given away as gifts (yeah, we ate some too).  Vegan gift bags included peppermint bark (from the Nov/Dec issue of Vegnews),

cinnamon, sugared almonds (also from Nov/Dec issue of Vegnews),

and banana bread from the PPK (which I didn’t get a pic of).  Everything was bundled into baggies and tied with homemade crochet starts and labeled with tags hand drawn and designed by N.

One baggie went to our friend the Former Fish Taco Fanatic and I think everybody enjoyed it.  No more buying sugared almonds from fairs anymore, this stuff is so easy to make and tastes even better!

I also baked some vegan Pannetone in the bread machine:

It was good.  The texture wasn’t light and fluffy like real pannetone (still working on that), but it did have the spicy, orangey flavor that is what makes pannetone tastes good.

Other highlights from the holiday include:  tofu cutlets and mac and cheese from SoulVeg,

gingerbread cookies from Dulce Vegan,

curried lentil soup (also from Dulce),

chocolate pancakes from Radial Cafe,

pho from Loving Hut,

and when we went to my sister’s, she made this awesome breakfast casserole for us that had tofu scramble, bell peppers, squash, Daiya cheddar and tater tots on top!  The recipe was based loosely on this one from Ellen’s website.

Yes, good food all around.  Sharing it with friends and family was even better.

My nephew with the dinosaur I crocheted for him using vegan yarn (no wool!)

My other nephew with his kick ass pajamas getting ready to feed the reindeer.

Miles and my niece having a moment together.

So onward to 2012 where more good times and good food shall prevail…and if the rapture comes and I’m shot straight to hell (where I imagine all atheist heathens go if there is a hell)…. so be it.  I bet hell’s a pretty cool place.