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Pho-king Delicious

I’m a pho-king pho ho.  I love it.  I crave it most days if not everyday. I sometimes dream about it. The only problem; its been damn near impossible to find vegan versions.  I have dabbled in making my own pho broth b/c the broth is what its all about, but I haven’t had the time to perfect that yet.  Solution: scouring my local asian market!

1.  Get the goods:  Vegan pho broth cubes  + vegan king prawn shrimps + rice noodles + shiitake mushrooms + plentiful fresh add ins (bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, fried garlic, green onions..) + Sriracha sauce

2.  Make sure all goods have “no animal factors”

3. Soak the rice noodles in warm to hot water for at least an hour and then boil them for an extra 3-4 minutes until you have the desired consistency.  Some people like their noods a little on the chewy side.  Cut up shiitake mushrooms while preparing noodles.

4. Drain noodles and set aside.  Prepare broth according to directions (or make your own…my current rendition involves mostly veggie broth with some Chinese 5 spice thrown in) .  Bring broth to boil and throw in vegan king prawn and mushrooms (or whatever you want heated and cooked through!).  Make as much broth as you want to drown your noodles in.

5. Serve:  Get some noodles in a bowl, ladle the awesome broth over it and then add in a bunch of fresh basil, cilantro, green onions, fried garlic pieces and bean sprouts.  Squeeze some fresh lime and Sriracha sauce into the mix to taste.

6.  Use chopsticks so you can feel authentic and slurp up all the pho-king goodness.

Visit Home Part Deux

It was Hsauce’s turn to visit his family (I visited mine at the end of last month.)

Hsauce was there to visit and celebrate the opening of his parents’ store, Words and Pictures, which sells out of print and collectible books among other things. If you’re every in Langley, WA, check it out!

He also hiked.

…and of course cooked:
Those are green beans with peanut ginger dressing (we’ve actually made this a couple of times now for friends and it is really, really good) and Hsauce’s own signature Pad Thai dish.

And guess what else he did?!? He went to Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle!!

But you know, he was sweet enough to bring me home some….these were gone pretty soon after he got back home. Yes, they were damn good.

While Hsauce was gone I made (along with some boring meals not worth mentioning), what I’m going to call 5-minute Vietnamese Pho. I used veggie broth, Chinese 5 spice, slivers of fresh Thai hot chili peppers and some squirts of lime juice to make the broth. Then I just piled it on some rice noodles and whatever veggies I had in the fridge. I didn’t have beansprouts so I used some shredded lettuce for a crunch effect. It was good.

And I also tried out this recipe for mac and cheese (originally from PPK, I think). I’m always on the hunt for the best mac and cheese and I think I’ve found it! I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, adding more margarine (Earth Balance!) when I thought it needed it or more or less of other things and it came out just delicious!

Straight from the oven…

On my plate with a side of broccoli. Oh yeah, I also added peas to the mac and cheese.

I think this is my favorite mac and cheese recipe. I made it again for Hsauce when he got back from his trip and yup, still tasty. I like covering it when it’s the oven to help prevent the top from getting too dry. This way, it all stays ooey-gooey and cheesey! Keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days and reheats well.

And yay, new sewing machine!