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My Favorite Cruelty Free Vanilla Perfumes

“Something smells like a cherry pop tart.”

This has actually been said around about me before. I was wearing a vanilla perfume oil at the time. I didn’t own up to my foody smelling self. And I’m still not sure if this remark was said in disgust or with pleasant surprise. But I was secretly pleased. You see, I’ve always had an affinity for smelling like a cherry pop tart…ok, maybe not a pop tart. But something sweet. Something that evokes comfort, snuggling and cozy sweaters and hoodies. Something vanilla.

cruelty free vanilla perfumes

Lush’s 25:43

I have a 0.3 oz atomizer spray of this stuff. From the website, it’s described as a citrusy perfume with notes of tonka, lime, lemongrass, vanilla, ylang-ylang and listsea (?). It’s all lemongrass-vanilla to me. It makes me think of slightly spiced lemon cookies. 25:43 is supposedly how long it took the creator took to make this yummy scent.

Pacifica Island Vanilla 

I have this in both the 1oz spray and the 8oz body lotion. It’s described as a blend of Tahitian vanilla absolute with honey-jasmine notes, a touch of fruitiness, and a base of tea. This is a vanilla with a lighter, airy-ier feel about it. To me, it’s like a creamy vanilla tea with the teensiest hint of floral. While I tend to wear vanilla mostly in cooler weather, I wear this year round.

Lush’s Vanillary (solid version)

I’ve had this ever since Lush introduced the solid version in little metal tins. I like this tube version because I can just push up a little and swipe it directly where I want it. Though it’s a tad awkward to have to push it back down with my fingers to get the lid on. Since it’s a soft wax, it will melt if left in the heat. This is a total foody scent and makes me think of a rich sweet vanilla toffee or decadent vanilla custard. I usually wear this at night before bed. It makes me feel like I’m sleeping in a sea of vanilla cupcakes.

 Lavanila Pure Vanilla Roller Ball

This is the most simple of the bunch. It has notes of Madagascar vanilla, freesia and heliotrope (florals). To me it is just a nice, clean vanilla bean scent. It’s not a desserty vanilla and it’s not a perfume-y vanilla (none of these are perfume-y in the traditional sense to me). It’s just a lovely vanilla. Pure and simple.


What I love about all of these vanilla perfumes is that they are not in yo face vanilla. They are subtle and more natural feeling than highly synthetic perfumes which make my nose itch and give me a headache. They fade with time on me but all of them linger nicely, close to the skin. Which is good because I don’t want people to smell me when I walk in a room because I wear scents mostly for myself and not other people.

Do you wear fragrance? What are your favorite cruelty-free fragrances?