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These count as breakfast, right?

I’ve been on a real chocolate kick since like, um, I don’t know…forever! Thank goodness there are clever recipes out there that include chocolate disguised in a breakfast-y like package. Here are two that I made recently.

Marbled Banana Bread from Post Punk Kitchen. This looks real fancy but was so simple to make!
IMG_5301 _Snapseed

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. These were the perfect portable breakfast sweets.IMG_5009 _SnapseedThere’s a part of my brain that knows these sweet dessert-y foods should not be the meal I start my day off with. But then there’s another LOUDER part of my brain that is saying “Get in mah belly!”

Whole Foods for a Well Vegan

I am testing out this 14-day free trial of Well Vegan, a week by week vegan menu planner, that I read about on Glue and Glitter. Though I’m not a vegan for health reasons, my gut is telling me (pun intended) that I need to start eating more whole foods.

We have made the following so far:

Almond Quinoa Muffin

almond_quinoa_muffinsI have never made a muffin that has quinoa in it! We used dried apricots as our fruit.

Broccoli Pesto Pasta

brocollipesto N made this and he thought I wouldn’t like it because it was “lemon-y”. That’s actually why I love this dish! It’s a unique take on pesto.

Tofu Scramble and Hash Browns

IMG_2987 _Snapseed This meal pulls from the ppk tofu scramble (we added in nearly all the suggested add-in veggies). We cut prep time even more for this meal by using our food processor to slice up the potatoes and onions for the hash browns.

Using Well Vegan has been a wonderful time saver! I just have to hit print and I get the weekly shopping list, meal plan and recipes all in one. The shopping list is simple, already having most of the items in our pantry, and the meals are straightforward and realistic for busy people.

Helllloooo to a healthier me! Gym, here I come!! Cookie, I can eat you because I ate my fruits and veggies earlier.

Smell that? It’s October.

I am in love with all October-y stuff. Um, hello pumpkins, Halloween, fall leaves, sweaters, cinnamon…need I go on? I was feeling prematurely October yesterday so I decided to make “The Best Pumpkin Muffins” from Isa (from Post Punk Kitchen, duh). I followed the recipe except I subbed maple syrup for the molasses and I used a smidge less oil.

I whipped up an icing to put on it because I just bought some Madagascar vanilla beans and wanted to use it. I used a fork to mash together 1tbs of margarine (Earth Balance), and 1 cup of powdered sugar. Then I slowly added almond milk until it was the consistency I wanted, scraped some of the vanilla bean into it and stirred until smooth.

These were so easy to make and are just as the title says, “The Best Pumpkin Muffins”. I’m going to nom on these dessert-for-breakfast muffins all week.

PS: I’m really upset that I missed the deadline for Vegan MoFo. 😦 BUT, I’m still going to use it as a motivator to start blogging regularly. Sleep is over rated anyways.

Of course we’ve been cooking!

So, another week has gone by again with no time to post 😦 . But as the post title says, we have plenty of homemade foods to share. First, I’ll start with the vegan cheesecake which I mentioned several posts ago and finally got around to making. This recipe is the main vegan one that seems to be floating around the internets. It can be found here, and recently the Little Vegan made it too.

Ok, so I followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfect. I haven’t had “real” cheesecake in a long time but I seriously think this could pass for the real thing. I made the crust by crumbling cinnamon graham crackers and mixing it with a little bit of canola oil and blackstrap molasses to make it just moist enough to press into a pan. For the strawberry topping, I just warmed up some thawed and halved frozen strawberries with some sugar to taste and pureed half of the strawberries to make a thick sauce. This sauce also went well with some Van’s Belgian waffles later in the week.

After eating these waffles I have now added waffle iron to my long list of culinary wants! (UPDATE: As brought to my attention by Veggiegirl, these waffles are NOT VEGAN! I thought I checked the ingredients carefully, but alas, I am not perfect. I managed to miss the bee vomit (i.e. honey) on these waffles. That is the only non-vegan ingredient in these…why can’t they just take it out?!? Oh well, live and learn! We will not be buying these anymore and all the more reason to get my own waffle iron! 🙂 )

I also tried my hand at another raw dish this week. Every time I go to our co-op I see a raw spinach quiche in their refrigerated section but it costs mucho dinero, so I decided to try and make my own. I used the pecan-spinach quiche recipe I found on this page as a guideline. For the bottom “crust” of the quiche, I blended almonds that had soaked overnight with some spices and pressed it into the plate (which I then let dry out via the method I used for my flax seed crackers). For the filling, all I did was puree about 2 cups of spinach with 2-3 cloves of garlic, a cup of pine nuts, a couple of slivers of avocados, some mushrooms, and spices (nutmeg, salt, pepper, paprika, and garam masala). I topped it with some mushrooms that had soaked in Bragg’s liquid aminos (not entirely sure if this is considered raw or not) and paprika.

I’m not really sure if I liked this or not. I ate about four bites but to me it seemed more like something I would spread on crackers and not something I could eat a whole plate of, so I actually did finish it by eating it with crackers. So technically I didn’t eat totally raw that night but I am glad that I tried the dish and still haven’t given up on experimenting with raw dishes! Hsauce stayed away from this dish because it looked too much like guacamole to him and he doesn’t like guacamole…weirdo!

This week, Hsauce wanted to have “sushi night”. Sushi making is so fun and so incredibly easy and waaay cheaper than if you went out for sushi. Hsauce had already made the sushi rice (refrigerated cooked sushi rice mixed with rice vinegar, some sugar and a tiny amount of salt) while I was at work so all that was left to do was prep some ingredients and start rolling when I got home.

Here you can see some of what we used: avocados, baked tofu, carrots, cucumbers, Sriracha sauce, hoison sauce, and Tofutti cream cheese. We also used some sesame seeds, sweet chili sauce, and homegrown sprouts. When making sushi, we always have two water cups. One large cup of warm water to put the sushi cutting knife in to prevent stuff from sticking to it and another smaller cup of cooler water for our fingers when we spread the sushi rice onto the wakame to prevent it from clumping on our fingers. And as usual, we ended up with a ton of sushi!

Just as pretty as what you pay for at a restaurant don’t you think? We had it with miso soup (made with miso barley, which you can buy in a tub, seaweed slivers, cubes of tofu and mushrooms) which I didn’t get a photo of.

Another Asian inspired meal we had this week was fried rice with grilled tofu. Fried rice is also really easy and works best with day old rice. In this case I had Hsauce make some rice while I was at work and then stick it in the fridge. When I got home I threw some chopped veggies into a wok on medium high with some Earth Balance, threw in the rice, added a handful of fresh basil leaves, some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and some salt and pepper and was done. Hsauce grilled the tofu slabs which had been marinating in a sweet chili soy sauce marinade all day. I had this dish for leftovers for work one day and my office mate commented on how it smelled “really good”. Yay!

To celebrate the arrival of fall weather (finally!!!), I also made a si
mple squash side one night. I just halved an acorn squash and hollowed out the seedy inside. I then put a few tablespoons of Earth Balance in each half along with a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar, sliced Gala apples, nutmeg, cinnamon and a bit of salt and pepper. I put this in the toaster oven on about 400F for about an hour. When I ate this, I smooshed all the liquidy goodness with the squash to make “sweet mashed squash”.

And this weekend I made some carrot-raisin muffins from VV. As usual, Isa’s recipe came out perfect! I can’t wait to be able to order her new cookbook, Veganomicon.

More meals, more muffins and some crackers

I’ve made a few things this week that I’d like to share with you! When I used to live in Boulder, Colorado I would get these delicious flax seed crackers at the farmer’s market, so when I saw a big tub of flax seeds for two bucks at our local farmer’s market I decided to try and make my own.

This recipe is loosely based on these two that I found using google. I simply put about 1 1/4 cup of whole flax seeds in a bowl of water before I left for work one morning. Some of the seeds floated on top, but most were submerged in the water.

When I got home, the flax seeds had soaked up all the water and were covered in slimy goo as you can see here.

I then took half of the flax seeds, put them in a food processor along with a clove of garlic and some spices (salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and garam masala similar to this recipe) and blended everything. Next, I added the blended seeds to the whole seeds, mixed everything well and then spread the mixture onto parchment paper on a baking pan. I spread it pretty thin since I wanted crispy crackers. I ended up using two baking pans.

I put the pans in the oven on 200F for about an hour or so (this would probably vary depending on how thick the flax seed layer is). After they cooled, I broke up each of the flax seed sheets into random sized pieces and had crispy, flavorful flax seed crackers to dip in my homemade guacamole. These are better than the ones I bought in Boulder and waaaay cheaper!

This week I also tested out the macaroni and cheeze recipe that the Pleasantly Plump Vegan posted about recently. It came out great! It’s not the best meal nutritionally, so I threw together a side of white beans, spinach and tomatoes with garlic. It was a good balance.

Last night I made a bit of a healthier dish for dinner. Acorn squash with tomatoes, chard stems and red onion atop a bed of quinoa (with raisins) and chard leaves with pine nuts sprinkled on top. I first sauteed the acorn squash with the red onions and chard stems with oil, garlic and oregano. I then added some vegetable stock and covered the dish for awhile longer to cook the squash through. I then added the diced tomatoes, some nutmeg, cinnamon, a teensy bit of sugar and a splash of balsamic vinegar, cooked it a bit more and then put it all on top of the cooked quinoa and steamed chard leaves. The nutmeg was the key flavor in this and made this a very “warm” autumn dish.

Finally, I made more muffins!! I can’t seem to stop myself. This time I made oatmeal banana muffins loosely based on this banana bread recipe from vegweb. I made the following alterations to the vegweb recipe: used 3/4 cup a sugar instead of 1 1/2 cups, used 1/4 cup of oil + 1/4 cup of soymilk instead of 1/2 cup of oil, used 1/2 cup of applesauce instead of egg replacer and additionally I added 1/2 cup of rolled oats to the batter and sprinkled sliced almonds on top. Ta da! Yummy, moist muffins full of ooey-gooey bananas! I actually made this on Monday and have been having them for “breakfast on the go” this week, which is what muffins are for!

Spreading the vegan muffin love!

Hsauce’s parents came into town this week and I thought it would be nice to bake some muffins for them. His stepmother seems really interested in the whole vegan diet thing and I just wanted to show her that vegan baking is easy and delicious (well, hopefully they liked them!). I baked two different batches.

The first were lemon poppy seed muffins which didn’t come out as “lemony” as I would have liked. This was because I didn’t quite have enough grated lemon rind for them. I added a touch of lemon pulp to make up for it but I didn’t want to go overboard with it for fear of the muffins becoming too moist and/or mushy. But in the end, they still tasted really good. Texture and moisture turned out just right!

The second batch of muffins, the house favorite, were apple crumb muffins. This was full of real apple goodness including a half cup of grated apples and a half cup of apple chunks. This is definitely more of a dessert-type muffin. Hsauce even warmed one up one evening this week and had it with some vanilla soy ice cream! I brought a few of each muffin to work to give away and most people went for the apple crumb ones first. I enjoyed them both, but given my sweet tooth, I must say that I did enjoy the apple crumb ones a bit more. Both recipes came from VV.

I ::heart:: weekend brunches!

Since I was gone for a couple of days, it was nice to get back in the kitchen to bake and cook this morning! After taking the dogs out this morning, I got started on a batch of pumpkin muffins (from VV). While those were baking, I whipped together a tofu scramble with a side of tempeh un-bacon.

My palette. Consisting of veggies, tofu, garlic, spices and nutritional yeast.

Our brunch.

I’m terribly anxious for the fall weather and all that it brings (Halloween, crisp leaves, perhaps some vegan apple pie…) and the pumpkin muffins definitely helped get me more in an “autumn” mood as it is full of “fall-like” spices such as cloves, cinnamon and allspice. By the way, that orange juice in the background is the best orange juice. It’s really like fresh squeezed oranges! Its made by a company called “Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company” and we get it at our co-op.