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Going Rogue on these Crazy, Sexy Crab Cakes

I was working really hard at home. On a Saturday no less. I was hungry. But that was okay, because I knew what I was going to make for lunch. Vegan crab cakes! I had pinned this recipe for it from Crazy, Sexy Kitchen a few weeks ago and knew from the combination of ingredients, which includes things like hearts of palm, Old Bay Seasoning, nori and nooch, that it was going to be something I liked.  crabcakes-6649

It was already 1 o’clock and my stomach was growling slightly as a cautious warning to avoid getting too hungry.  But I pushed myself to finish one more task because I had glanced over the recipe and knew I’d be eating in no time.  How much time could it take to mix some hearts of palm in a food processor, stir in some stuff, form into patties and fry?

So I grabbed all the ingredients, propped up the recipe on my iPad and started actually reading the directions—crap, I got sliced hearts of palm not the whole stalk, oh well probably not a big deal…wait, what? toast the nori sheets?  I scanned some more— let the mixture sit for 30 minutes in the fridge…and then another HOUR?!! Reading is fundamental people. There was no way my stomach was going to make it another hour. I was already feeling borderline hangry.


So, I went rogue and took some shortcuts.

  • I didn’t toast the nori sheets
  • I only let the mixture sit in the fridge for like 5 minutes while I cleaned up the kitchen
  • I messily fried the patties as I formed them, totally getting rid of the step of letting them firm in the fridge for an hour.crabcakes-6658

And surprisingly, they came out okay! A few fell apart (* see footnote) and the kitchen looked like someone had massaged all the counters, faucet handles and surfaces with crab meat mixture. But aside from that, my “ain’t nobody got time for dat” shortcuts went well. I ate mine with sweet relish mixed with mayo.

What are your time-saving shortcuts in the kitchen?


*I learned that not flipping the patties allowed a nice crusty outside to form on one side helping to keep it together and prevented breakage. Also, squeezing firmly on the mixture while forming patties for frying also seemed to help.