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Virtual Vegan Potluck!

Hola compadres! Welcome to our humble interwebs abode. Are you enjoying the Virtual Vegan Potluck so far? N and I have been extremely busy lately and I am getting over a nasty cold, so our dish is a simple yet extremely delicious hybrid of some past concoctions. We took our bbq jackfruit concotion and merged it with our fixins’ and sauces from our Korean Tacos and voila…BBQ Korean Tacos.

The taco sauce (sriracha mixed with chili sauce and ketchup) is a little on the spicy side…drizzle on accordingly. Me, I drizzled just a little but N drizzled a lot on doused his (he likes to cry when he eats it spicy). Regardless of your spicy preference, I really recommend topping your tacos with some fresh cilantro, red onions and the fresh cabbage slaw that N made. Do up your taco how you want…we have plenty to go around. Hope you enjoy!


Hungry for more? If you randomly ended up here, check out the dishes you missed prior to mine and of course what awaits for you after:

wpid-goback-2012-05-11-23-32.jpg                                      wpid-goforward-2012-05-11-23-32.jpg

And of course a HUGE thank you to Unrefined Vegan for organizing this epic vegan potluck! What a great way to unite vegans and bloggers from all over the world.


In addition to the pics I take with my camera-camera, I take a lot of pics on my phone-camera and post to instagram. Inspired by typicalhousecat, here is my first installment of vegangrams.

Korean tacos from Takorea which I learned about from Abracapocus. Nom.

I don’t want no blood diamonds, but give me some of those blood oranges!

Dinner at Soul Veg One. From the upper left corner clockwise: spaghetti casserole and collards, “meat”loaf with mac ‘n cheese and sweet potatoes, salad with their signature dressing, and cornbread. Nom squared.

A dessert for breakfast brunch. Blueberry muffins with fried tofu “eggs”, and some fruit.


Crazy chili cheese potato goodness that N made because he enables my vegan junk food addiction.

A chocolate peanut butter pie I made for N. Note the envious onlooker in the background.

Cottage Ethiopian veggie plate. We shared this and it was plenty filling. I’m pretty sure injera expands in the stomach.

Weekend pick me ups from Dulce Vegan.

Relaxing greys.

Crazy grey.

The end.

Mouth-watering Korean tacos with cabbage slaw

Vegan Korean tacos are something we’ve eaten before at restaurants but never tried to make at home. This was N’s first attempt and they were amazing! As usual with our quick meals, nothing was really measured, so these are approximations.

First, the tofu (about 2 boxes of that extra firm Nasoya tofu) was marinated (for 10-15 minutes…marinate longer if you have more time) in a mixture of:

– about a tbsp or two each of thin sauce, sweet chili sauce, and rice vinegar in a bowl

– juice of half a lime

– and an inch of finely grated ginger

Then N stir fried the tofu until they brownified (his words, not mine).  It was very saucy…saucy is a good thing.

While the tofu was cooking, N cut up some red cabbage in thin strips and drowned them in a mixture of:  1 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp Braggs liquid aminos and 1 tbsp chili garlic sauce.  N also made a taco sauce to go with it by mixing 3 parts ketchup to one part Sriracha sauce and a splash of thin sauce.

We used soft tacos.  The best way to prepare soft tacos are to wrap them in a moist towel and pop them in the microwave for a spell.  The last step was to assemble them.  We garnished them with cilantro and scallions and served it with a wedge of lime and some fresh avocado slices. Yum, east meets west (Korea meets Mexico)!

The whole deal only took about 30 minutes. The next day at work I had leftovers minus the taco wrap.  N just packed it in my lunch as one big open Korean taco salad and it was the kind of yum that makes you *sigh*.