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Knit So Fast: Vegan Knitting to Soothe the Mind

I moved across the country a month ago. Moving can be hard. Hard on the body. Hard on the soul. While I love exploring what this beautiful new city has to offer, I’ve been having trouble finding a routine. And I enjoy need routine in my life like Tom Cruise needs Scientology.

It’s the little things that I’ve been working on figuring out. Like finding “our grocery store” or learning where to get the best food photos in the house (this is a real thing). And just learning how to navigate a city that is now my home.

Vegan Knitting- Old Fashioned Dish Rags | Luminous Vegans

To help my jumbled mind at the end of each non-routiney day, I’ve been knitting. I’ve been a knitter for a while, but never as devoted as I have been lately.  There’s something comforting and cathartic about winding and looping yarn around two sticks over and over. It forces me to slow down and be in the present moment.

Vegan Knitting- Old Fashioned Dish Rags | Luminous Vegans

My project of choice lately are these knitted cloths made of 100% cotton yarn (that’s what makes this vegan knitting since wool comes from an animal). They are quick, easy and durable. Just throw them in the washer and dryer. They are also very versatile. Use it as a dish rag. Or a coaster.

Vegan Knitting- Old Fashioned Dish Rags | Luminous Vegans

We use them as reusable napkins and wash cloths in the shower. Not at the same time though. Unless I’m eating in the shower. Just kidding. I still use a separate rag for washing my body when I eat in the shower.

I don’t really care if stuff in my house is matchy-matchy so the more colorful and mix-matched these are, the better! Which is good because I have a very random collection of cotton yarn in my yarn stash. My favorite pattern right now (the one shown under the coffee mug) is from Neal’s mom’s mom.

Vegan Knitting- Old Fashioned Dish Rags | Luminous Vegans

This is a great project to learn how to knit on because of how simple it is. There’s only a few techniques to know and they are all very easy. Plus, if you mess up it’s not a big deal. Not like a one-sleeve-is-longer-than-the-other kinda deal for sweaters and such.

Old Fashion Dish Cloths

makes a cloth that is about 8 x 8 inches pre-wash (they shrink a teensy bit after washing)


  • size 9 knitting needles (Not that important.  Smaller needles will make a smaller rag and larger needles will make a larger rag.)
  • 1 ball of cotton yarn which will make 2 rags (I use either Lily Sugar ‘N Cream or Peaches And Creme yarn which can usually be found at big craft stores like Michael’s.)
  • yarn/tapestry needle to weave in ends

Vegan Knitting- Old Fashioned Dish Rags | Luminous Vegans


Links to video techniques included.

  1. Cast on 4 stitches (I use the long-tail cast on method, but the single cast on method is good for beginners).
  2. Knit two rows.
  3. Knit the first 2 stitches, yarn over, knit the rest of the stitches on the needle.
  4. Repeat step 3 until there are 42 total stitches.
  5. Knit the first stitch, knit the next two stitches together, yarn over, knit the next two stitches together, knit the rest of the stitches on the needle.
  6. Repeat step 5 until there are only 4 stitches left on the needle.
  7. Bind off and weave in ends.

Vegan Knitting- Old Fashioned Dish Rags | Luminous Vegans

Are you a knitter? How do you unwind from the day?


According to my phone in the past few months I made stuff, ate stuff, did stuff and shaved stuff.

I finished up this Gemini top. The yarn is a hemp, cotton and rayon blend. No wool for me!IMG_2149Some amazing-ness that I got at Dough Bakery. I think it’s their Sunday “Southern Benedict”- open faced biscuit with eggless patty and Gutenfleischer’s meat topped with sausage gravy. IMG_1939Doughnuts from Revolution Doughnuts. They are not a 100% vegan shop, but they clearly label all the vegan doughnuts and usually about half of their doughnuts are vegan! These look like (CW from left) chocolate glaze, apple fritter, coconut and king cake.

Typical Game of Thrones meal: vegan drumsticks grilled in BBQ sauce, sautéed green beans and shrooms, and mashed taters.

The behind-the-scenes of a wannabe food photographer. This was for the Sansa lemon cakes.


Leftovers from Cafe Sunflower. Quiche on the left and soy chicken enchilada on the right (these were on the “specials” menu).IMG_2130

Vegan junk food from Food Fight Grocery when we went to PDX. Can you guess what the non-labeled item is?IMG_2185

The tropical greens smoothie from Canteen in PDX.

Nachos with Trader Joe’s soy chorizo, kidney beans, nacho teese (from my VVC swagbag) and green onions.IMG_2246

My most favorite candy bar. They’ve changed their packaging a bit and the bar looks a little different but it still is hands-down my favorite chocolate bar.IMG_2431

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (also from my VVC swag bag) with sliced strawberries snack time.

Banana chia oatmeal from Oh She Glows.IMG_2350

Blueberry cobbler that Neal made. I think he just veganized this recipe from Rachael Ray.IMG_2368

Another goodie from my Vida Vegan Con bag. It’s a superfood disguised as a vegan starbust candy.IMG_2210

I made the Chipotle Mac and Cheese recipe almost as soon as Isa put it up. We ate most of it in one go and only had a little leftover. To make it another meal, I topped it with sweet baked beans and some cole slaw. I love this mac and cheese.

This is the picture text I sent Neal after I posted the above pic on instagram. I realize I am an uber dork. I’m okay with that.IMG_2373

A morning of knitting wash cloths and drinkin’ a smoothie- almond milk, banana, chia seeds, Eat Pastry cookie dough and raw almonds.IMG_2441

Experimenting with a new phone app called “Over” that puts text over images. The cashew cheese spread is a recipe from an old VegNews magazine.IMG_2404

Hanging out with Neal at the art festival, Artlantis. He mostly does gig posters, but he has created an original illustration for the upcoming Atlanta Veg Fest.

Miles- looking all goofy after Neal stuffed blankets around him.IMG_1898

An afternoon walk near the Chattahoochee river. A big storm knocked some trees in the path. Miles is already very afraid of sticks so he wasn’t going anywhere near this. Neal had to carry him over. Nikko (our other greyhound) jumped over it because she’s a bad*ss like that.IMG_2333

Oh yeah, and I shaved my head using Neal’s clippers with a #3 guard (I think).  It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. It’s perfect for summer don’t cha think?photo

Weekend Update

What I did this past weekend:

Tried to finish some knitting projects, but did not succeed. The yarn I am using is cotton based, no wool for me!
IMG_0237 _Snapseed

Went to a vegan bake sale. A lot of stuff had sold before we got there, but we got to see Neal’s work on a postcard/flyer and still came home with some goodies (they melted a little because we were on bikes).vegan_bake_sale_2013

Went to the co-op to get some stuff from bulk and ended up trying this new popcorn from Earth Balance (it’s good!) and rehydrating with coconut water.sevenanda

Rode bikes everywhere.IMG_0279 IMG_0288 _Snapseed

Had to do some work. Boo.IMG_0323 _Snapseed

And ate some food:

Left over Mellow Mushroom pizza (vegan) with some ginger ale.

IMG_0321 _Snapseed

Homemade vegan Ethiopian food from a student…one of the few perks of being a teacher!IMG_0230 _Snapseed

Game of Thrones night meal…mock chicken wings, mashed taters and asparagus.IMG_0204 _SnapseedWe also went to a raw restaurant over the weekend, but I’ll blog about that in a separate post because I am tired and have to get ready for the grind tomorrow. The grind is work and tomorrow is today since I am not posting this until tomorrow which will actually be today if you read this Monday. Ya follow?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Dude, what’s a blog? I’ve been working so hard to help “put food on my family” that I haven’t had time or energy to post. So of course I’m just going to inundate you with pics from my phone now…of course. So, in no particular order…

Eggplant parm sandwich with a side salad and spicy mango and avocado cucumber gazpacho from Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe.

The easiest, creamiest and tastiest nooch-based mac and cheese recipe evah!!! Seriously. It’s from Susan Voisin over at FatFree Vegan Kitchen.

I think I made this twice in one week. This here second time, I stirred in some peas and elegantly dotted it with some Sriracha sauce. Oh yeah.

Our local asian market sells these frozen vegan fish slabs. One night, N fried them up and we ate them with cocktail sauce and noochy, bread-crumb covered baked brussels sprouts.

I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in awhile but this is what is on them, a short sleeve pullover/t-shirt thingy. After I passed the interesting neck section, I can’t bring myself to just knit the boring bottom part (knit, knit, knit…). The yarn is a hemp-based yarn.

One day when I accompanied N to Sam Flax art store, we saw this. This is the first seedbomb machine I’ve seen in Atlanta. Super exciting! How it works: insert coins, get seedbomb, throw seedbomb somewhere with dirt, repeat, watch your city fill up with plants native to the region.

N was feeling brave one day and decided to make Vietnamese crepes again. He did a better job than me.

Samoas-style vegan pancakes at Radial. Yes. Like the girl-scout cookies. I’ve been leary about Radial Cafe ever since we found a huge chunk of brisket, yes brisket, in our food after numerous strange interactions with a server who overly emphasized the fact that we were vegan. The pancakes were nom so Radial, you’re regaining my trust again. Maybe you and I were just meant to be breakfast friends.

Breakfast biscuits at Dough Bakery and Gutenfleischers.  These babies are so good and so reasonably priced. They also have these as grab-n-go meals kept warm or in the fridge for stocking up.

More eats from Dough Bakery and Gutenfleischers. This here is a vegan gyro wrap with a side of potato salad.

Yup, there’s more. Vegan french dip sandwich with a side of “beet it or I’ll kale you” salad. Love that name!

And of course, dessert. A strawberry whoopie pie from Dough Bakery.  Damn you Dough and Gutenfleischers for being so delicious! Not really, I love you guys and will probably be there tonight or tomorrow to get that SK philly special!

N’s parents gifted us with passes to the High Museum, so we went recently to see the Hale Woodruff’s restored Talladega College murals.

Across the street (nearly), is the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). We went there too to catch the “Skate it or Hang it” exhibit.

I got a hold of some fresh mangosteens from the farmer’s market. I only had them canned before so I had no idea how to open them. First I sawed at em’ with a knife, then I found this video on how to open them. Life got easier and I ate them all.

A quick meal of quinoa chili over masher taters.

Tempeh-bacon, lettuce and tomato sammich with avocado and sprouts.

My favorite raw breakfast. Raw ackee mixed with 1/2 cup of smooshed young coconut, cilantro, tomatoes, black salt and chives. I had it with mangoes and avocados.

Hanging out at one of my favorite used bookstores, Book Nook, one rainy Saturday afternoon.

A curry dish made with Patak’s mild curry simmer sauce kale, tomatoes and canned seitan over jasmine rice.  N added coconut milk to make it creamier and less spicy for me because I am a spice wuss.

And finally, these guys. Always these guys keeping me sane. She stood like this for 2 minutes.

This guy kept me company when N was sick in bed one weekend. We laid about and he helped me grade papers.

Leapin’ lizards!

Life has been happening so I haven’t been as attentive as I would like with the blogosphere lately. So, imagine my surprise when I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by The Misfit Baker and the Former Fish Taco Fanatic as well as the Illuminating Blogger Award from Food Stories. Thank you ladies so much! You like me….you really like me!


So as it goes with these awards, I must tell you some random things about myself and of course share the love. First the random things.

1. I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with postapocalyptic books, movies/tv shows and comics. I secretly train for the zombie apocalypse both physically and mentally.

2. I recently kicked my coffee addiction and am now obsessed with teas. I am currently loving the jasmine fruit rooibos mix from Teavana that N’s parents gave us one year.

3. I make knitted and crocheted goods of the vegan variety (duh, wool’s not vegan!).

4. My mum’s from Thailand and as such I grew up eating all sorts of exotic foods that I crave constantly now as an adult-in-training. Like lychees…I remember eating these fresh in Thailand when I was five.

5. I like it when Miles sneaks onto the bed in the morning even though he’s not allowed.

6. I’m a groupie. N’s in a band called Capillaries.

7. I’m on a never-ending quest to get the perfect shot of Miles floating in midair.

Now my blog picks for being both lovely and illuminating:

1.  2 little rosebuds– A vegan soon to be mom to twins with cool tats…yes!!

2. The Opinioness of the World– A vegan feminist (not necessarily in that order) who makes me constantly rethink how I view the world. Plus, she’s got good taste in books, movies and tv shows.

 3. The Peaceful Pantry – I love the simplicity and yumminess of Amanda’s post. She also seems just super nice…she’s like the vegan neighbor I wish I had.

Visit Home

I just got back from a visit home with the family in NC. Vegan eats were limited, so I mostly made my own food (mostly simple things like spaghetti and cold salads).

The couple of times we ate out I had vegan sushi,

and salad from Souper Salad. I have never gone to a Souper Salad since becoming vegan, but their vegan items are clearly marked which was nice. This pic shows my second plate from there (it’s buffet style) and includes some of their antipasto cold salads like marinated mushrooms, vegan coleslaw with raisins, a cucumber-tomato salad, and vegan cornbread! I would consider going there again b/c they had a nice variety of salad goods for a good price for all you can eat. I need to find out which dressings are vegan though, b/c those were not clearly marked. I ended up using oil and vinegar on my first plate of salad. They also have a lot of non-vegan stuff too, unfortunately. It was depressing to see people eating there have these beautiful plates of vegetables and greens only to smother the whole thing in buttermilk dressing and ham pieces. ::sigh::

Also, a big reason for this trip was my new nephew! The blanket he is in was my first biggish vegan knitting project.