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Goings On in Pictures (and some words) – Part II

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s good. Because I don’t have a thousand words. I have a ton of pictures. And zero words. Well, some words.

Things have been happening here after moving to the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve been…

running around the beaches in Florence,

the-state-of-things-part-deux-1 the-state-of-things-part-deux-2 the-state-of-things-part-deux-3 the-state-of-things-part-deux-4

biking all over Eugene,
the-state-of-things-part-deux-5 the-state-of-things-part-deux-6 the-state-of-things-part-deux-7 the-state-of-things-part-deux-8

hiking all over Eugene,the-state-of-things-part-deux-9 the-state-of-things-part-deux-10 the-state-of-things-part-deux-11 the-state-of-things-part-deux-12 the-state-of-things-part-deux-13 the-state-of-things-part-deux-14 the-state-of-things-part-deux-15

and eating, always eating the good vegan foods.

Vegan Chinese from Lotus Garden: Battered veggie beef deep-fried, broccoli, carrot in sweet & spicy sauce, the-state-of-things-part-deux-16

and veggie pot stickers. the-state-of-things-part-deux-17

Neal’s specialty: homemade BBQ tofu with a side of broccoli and curly fries.the-state-of-things-part-deux-18 the-state-of-things-part-deux-19

Asparagus bowl with creamy avocado dressing, olive tapenade and a jungle juice (I think) from Laughing Planetthe-state-of-things-part-deux-20

And food from one of my favorite places in Eugene, Cornbread Cafe. A vegan omelette with sausage, biscuits and home fries.


Strawberry crepes with tempeh bacon and home fries.the-state-of-things-part-deux-22

For the next post, there will be words. At least more words. Probably the same amount of pictures give or take. Sound good?



Vegans on a Monadnock

This weekend we went on a short hike in Arabia Mountain. We walked along two trails. The first was “Forest Hill” and it was, well, forest-y.IMG_0433 _Snapseed

We went past Arabia Lake. Nikko (our girl pup) was feeling adventurous and ended up falling in the lake. Poor girl. She was ok. I didn’t get a picture of her falling in…what kind of mother do you think I am??
IMG_0446 _Snapseed

After we passed the lake, we took “Mile Rock” trail back to the nature center. This part of the trail is all rock. Although Arabia Mountain is called a mountain, it’s actually a granite monadnock. This just means it’s an isolated and exposed rock hill. IMG_0472 _Snapseed

Granite used to be quarried here so there are still big chunks lying about.
IMG_0476 _Snapseed

The entire time it threatened to rain on us.IMG_0474 _Snapseed

But we made it back to the car dry.Image 1 _Snapseed

When we got home, I made us a couple of smoothies with mango, peaches, tangerines, strawberries and pineapples.IMG_0490 _Snapseed

And the dogs, who are city dogs through and through, recouped from being out in nature.IMG_5038 _Snapseed