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Saturday night equation

sick puppy + takeout = (stuffed vegans + poo-free floors) – guilt        

The last time we left a sick pup for alone too long, we had to ditch a rug. So playing it safe, we decided to get takeout from Healthful Essence and watch a movie at home so we could keep an eye on the patient. Healthful Essence is a Caribbean style vegan restaurant. We’ve only been once before (for takeout) because it closes pretty early (8pm).

We got two orders. The first was two sides with a “meat” item. CW from top left: “fish” patties, sweet plantains, and collards. 

The second order was two sides with two “meat” items. CW from top left: yellow rice, un-goat stew, browned spicy bean curd  (that’s just a fancy name for tofu) skins, vegetable curry and she even put more plantains in the center of this one!

I especially liked the plantains, the un-goat stew and the bean curd skin dish, oh and the collards  Everything was really tasty! We definitely need to eat here more often, perhaps actually eating in the restaurant so we don’t have these icky styrofoam containers to deal with.

Dinner was excellent, the movie (Hobo with a Shotgun) was entertaining and the pup patient, though exhibiting sick signs earlier in the evening, showed no signs of illness after we decided to stay at home. Hmmm, perhaps getting us to forego an evening out to hang out with them was some kind of payback for this…

End of summer baths.

This post’s equation was inspired by the math at The Life of Kylie and Demetri Martin.