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Hey guacamole, you’ve got some quinoa on you.

I had leftover guacamole from my nacho-tempeh-bacon-guac sandwiches and I knew if I didn’t eat it all quickly, it would start turning blackish in color despite my attempts to keep it from air.

Guacamole that has turned darker due to oxidation is not inedible but let’s face it, bright green guacamole is way more appetizing. So why not disguise it?

I got this idea from Epicurean Vegan who mixed mashed avocados with rice and beans.  I didn’t have rice so instead I mixed my leftover guacamole with a cooked combo of white and dark quinoa. Then I stirred in left over diced tomatoes with green chilis (from a can) and some salt and pepper to taste.

IMG_4950 _Snapseed

Then, I topped it with some black beans, sour cream and green onions. Since the guacamole was already made and full of flavor, this dish could not have been simpler. This kept in the fridge for several days and the guacamole kept on looking awesomely appetizing due to its quinoa disguise!

IMG_4974 _SnapseedPS. Portland, I’ll see you in a few days for VVC!

Nacho Ordinary Sandwich!

This nacho-cheese, tempeh-bacon and guacamole grilled sandwich is one of THE best sandwiches I have ever eaten.  Every bite is bursting with a wonderful combination of Mexican flavors. It was inspired by this non-vegan version. Read on to see how simple it is to make.

IMG_4895 _Snapseed _Snapseed

The first thing I did was grill up some store-bought tempeh bacon. Homemade is cool, but store-bought can be a good time-saver if you’re a poor planner like me.

IMG_4878 _Snapseed

For the cheese, I made a batch of “Nacho Mmmm Sauce” from Peas and Thank You. Neal’s step-mom sent me a newspaper article from The Seattle Times that included four different Mmmm sauce recipes. I’ve tried most of them and the nacho is my favorite.

I slathered a thick layer of the nacho sauce on one side of each bread.IMG_4887 _Snapseed

Then I added a thick, generous layer of homemade guacamole. I didn’t follow a recipe for the guac. It’s just two ripe avocados (mushed) mixed with about a 1/2 cup of chopped cherry tomatoes (seeds removed), a handful of chopped cilantro, some diced red onions, minced garlic (clove or two), lime juice, cumin, salt and pepper.IMG_4888 _Snapseed

Next, I layered on the grilled tempeh bacon, closed the sandwich and grilled it for about 4 minutes on each side to heat it through. While it grilled, I lightly patted down on the bread to get the nacho cheese and guac to mush together.

I cut the sandwich on the diagonal and then asked if it was ready for its close up.
IMG_4901 _Snapseed

This is a great sandwich for summer and is lovely with a cup of lemonade and some tortilla chips on the side.  No napkins are needed because you’ll want to lick your fingers clean.IMG_4889 _Snapseed

Come back Saturday for the Virtual Vegan Potluck May 2013 edition! There will be plenty of vegan food to go around from bloggers all over the world!