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Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday! I’m gonna share some things I have been digging lately that have brought me bits of pleasure during “the week that lasted forever” (aka the week before spring break).

I’ve used Dr. Bronner’s All-One soaps on and off for years, but find the scented ones too drying. I picked up the mild, unscented version recently to see if it is less drying. I’ve been using it as a body and face wash and so far so good! Non-drying and no breakouts on mah face!

IMG_3354 _Snapseed

I have a problem with lip balms. I’m addicted to them. But I don’t wanna not be addicted to them…wait, what? I got these new flavors a week ago when Crazy Rumors had a 20% sale. My favorite flavor of the bunch is the chocolate strawberry followed by the red hibiscus. I have made a pact with myself to not buy anymore until I finish a couple of tubes, which is making me rub them on my lips like crazy because I want to try this brand next!

IMG_3316 _Snapseed

I have been loving and craving all the Asian foods lately. One day, I will make my Asian meals from scratch like Hannah from Bittersweet, but until then I raid all the pre-made stuff at my local Asian market.

IMG_3382 _Snapseed

Clockwise: Yeo’s soy milk, ramen noodles with some vegan fish chunks and green onions, sweet chili sauce, vegan gyoza.

In music, I recently discovered Florence + the Machine and have been listening to them non-stop. I’m a big fan of strong lady vocals.

My favorite quote…”ain’t nobody got time for dat!” by Sweet Brown.

This quote has really helped me manage my time this week. For instance, when I thought I should stay late at work to grade papers, I thought “ain’t nobody got time for dat!”. And when N suggested I clean up all the files on my computer to make it stop acting so buggy, “ain’t nobody got time for dat!”.  I’m sure next week when I think about all the things I should be doing instead of having fun, this quote will save me from wasting my life away because “ain’t nobody got time for dat!”.

Happy Friday!

IMG_3292 _Snapseed

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Cozy inside and out

I was looking back at some of my recent posts, and have come to the realization that since the beginning of October, I’ve eaten a lot of carby comfort foods. This trend will most likely continue until I come out of hibernation in, um, like May. N loves to make sure I’m comforted, so he made me the stroganoff from the PPK  last night. It was delicious and made me feel all warm and cozy inside!

Aaand today I received my order of fall flavors from Crazy Rumors. Oooh, yum-yum-yum, these flavors are so warm, comforting and fall-like! I seriously have a problem.

Lip service

I’ve tried going cold tofurkey. I’ve tried weaning myself off it slowly. But to no avail, my lips crave lip balm at all times. As such, I’m a bit hopelessly dependent on the stuff and have tried many. The usual balms in rotation (from most favorite to least favorite) include Karite LipsHurraw, and The Merry Hempsters.

Lip balm, like so many beauty products, is such a personal thing. N loves the Merry Hempsters, but it’s my least favorite because it’s way too thin and doesn’t last. I, on the other hand, really like Karite Lips while N hates it because it’s on the waxy side which makes it long-lasting for me. Hurraw is in the middle because it’s on the thin side but it’s longer lasting than Merry Hempsters (less than Karite Lips) and it has fun flavors.

However, I recently rediscovered the bestest lip balm ever from the small, local and independent company Crazy Rumors. I waited a month after I bought these to post about them, so I could be certain that this balm is da bomb and it is. It’s not thin, nor super waxy. It’s creamy and goes on super smooth like vegan buttah! And it lasts at least 2-3+ hours  even at work where I do more talking than normal (the ultimate test for me).

These smell so delicious that I reapply frequently, even when my lips aren’t dry, because this is probably more socially acceptable than sniffing on a tube of lip balm all day like a crazy person.

I had fun arranging my preciouses for this photo!

My favorite flavors are black cherry soda, cola, and orange creamsicle. Since these are now my numero uno lip balm, they get the privilege of being on my nightstand. And in my purse, my car, my pocket, my drawer at work…

*Just a little side note: all products on this blog are products bought with our own money and they are products we like and use on a regular basis or just wanna try out. We put links to these products in case you wanna try them out too. I won’t mention this again though I added this note to my “About” section. I just wanted it to be clear that no one is giving me free stuff or paying me to “like” their products.*