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Yes I can Colcannon

N’s parents bought us a subscription to the New York Times for the holidays and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying both the print and online version of it. Recently, there was a post in the “Dining and Wine” section about an Irish dish called Colcannon.  I have no idea as to the correct pronunciation of this b/c all my searches gave me different answers.  The way it sounds in my head is “coal-can-un”, which I’m sure is incorrect.

Colcannon is an Irish dish that is traditionally made with mashed potatoes and cabbage or kale and is usually eaten with ham bacon pig. Regardless of its non-vegan traditions, I thought it sounded interesting and anything with kale piques my interest.  Two days after seeing the NY Times article, I stumbled upon a Colcannon recipe from veganyumyum.  I took that as a sign that maybe I should try this dish out for myself.  The following is based primarily on veganyumyum’s version.

N made the mashed potatoes like he normally does.  He boiled about 4-5 yukon golds until tender, drained them and then mashed them with Earth Balance, plain soy milk, and salt and pepper to taste.

As N worked the potatoes, I sautéed the kale (1 bunch with the stalks removed and shredded) with Gimme Lean sausage (crumbled into chunky bits), freshly minced garlic and a splash or two of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (think, a healthier version of soy sauce) until the kale was super tender and the sausage was browned. (The pic below was near the beginning of the sautéing process).

N then took my kale and sausage mixture and stirred it all in with his already mashed and flavored potatoes.  It was a little messy.

More salt and pepper were added to taste and the finished product….

was hearty and delicious!  Who am I kidding?  Anything with kale and potatoes is going to be good as long as it’s vegan!  I like that this dish had my carbs, my veggies and my protein all in one (though its hard to see the sausage in the pic).  This dish was so incredibly easy to make and I can already imagine so many variations of this dish that I could make in the future…..I’m thinking I could add leeks and scallions or maybe even fennel….I could use spinach instead of kale, oooh I wonder if red cabbage would be good….