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Leapin’ lizards!

Life has been happening so I haven’t been as attentive as I would like with the blogosphere lately. So, imagine my surprise when I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by The Misfit Baker and the Former Fish Taco Fanatic as well as the Illuminating Blogger Award from Food Stories. Thank you ladies so much! You like me….you really like me!


So as it goes with these awards, I must tell you some random things about myself and of course share the love. First the random things.

1. I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with postapocalyptic books, movies/tv shows and comics. I secretly train for the zombie apocalypse both physically and mentally.

2. I recently kicked my coffee addiction and am now obsessed with teas. I am currently loving the jasmine fruit rooibos mix from Teavana that N’s parents gave us one year.

3. I make knitted and crocheted goods of the vegan variety (duh, wool’s not vegan!).

4. My mum’s from Thailand and as such I grew up eating all sorts of exotic foods that I crave constantly now as an adult-in-training. Like lychees…I remember eating these fresh in Thailand when I was five.

5. I like it when Miles sneaks onto the bed in the morning even though he’s not allowed.

6. I’m a groupie. N’s in a band called Capillaries.

7. I’m on a never-ending quest to get the perfect shot of Miles floating in midair.

Now my blog picks for being both lovely and illuminating:

1.  2 little rosebuds– A vegan soon to be mom to twins with cool tats…yes!!

2. The Opinioness of the World– A vegan feminist (not necessarily in that order) who makes me constantly rethink how I view the world. Plus, she’s got good taste in books, movies and tv shows.

 3. The Peaceful Pantry – I love the simplicity and yumminess of Amanda’s post. She also seems just super nice…she’s like the vegan neighbor I wish I had.