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Vida Vegan Con 2013

We just got back from our little tour of the Pacific Northwest and I’m dying crying a little inside as I scan through my pictures. Oh Portland, how I miss you already!

IMG_0676 _Snapseed


There’s no way to capture this magical fantasy-land all at once so I’ll start with the main attraction, the Vida Vegan Conference 2013.  Most of which took place in the Mark Building of the classy Portland Art Museum.IMG_0622 _Snapseed

Right outside the art museum was a large span of green space where I could sit and chill with Abe while basking in the Portland sun (yes, the sun did come out!).IMG_0624 _Snapseed

I could probably write a tome about all the wonderful talks that took place at Vida Vegan Con, but I’m just gonna highlight a few of my favorite tidbits. For a full play-by-play, visit Sews Before Bros.

  • To take vegan ethics beyond the plate, it’s good to seize intersectional opportunities. For example, the fire at the Bangladesh factory was a good way to introduce the idea of ethically sourced products.
  • There’s always something I can do better in my veganism. The point is to do the very best that I can.
  • I gotta stop using palm oil (see above).
  • Filter amazon searches for vegan cookbooks by “publication date” and request review copies in advance…who knew?!
  • Be authentic! There’s only one me who can tell my story in my voice. This tidbit came from Cadry from Cadry’s Kitchen who I got the pleasure of meeting. She is just as luminous in real life as she is on her blog and videos.
  • Do the things that bring me joy and my passion for these things will translate easily to readers. More words of wisdom from Cadry.
  • I gotta get Adobe lightroom, which surprisingly works with jpeg files, to post process my food photos. Susan Voisin from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen gave a real time lightroom demo and wowee! Her entire presentation on food photography is here.
  • When reviewing a recipe, put a twist on it to show it’s adaptability. This came from the incredibly talented Hannah Kaminsky from Bittersweet who I also got to meet! I didn’t get to see her first talk on food styling, but she put a recap on her blog.
  • Stop self editing myself while I write blog posts. That is what second and third edits are for. Free writing is where the magic happens. This advice came from none other than Isa Chandra Moskowitz herself in an intimate writing workshop.

In addition to the treasure trove of talks, I got to hobnob with other vegans like Kylie from Life of Kylie and of course stuff mah face silly with all the vegan foods. Everyday the exhibitors in the ballroom tempted me with their vegan eats. And I succumbed to the temptation. every. single. time.vvc2013_vendors1vvc2013_vendors3vvc2013_vendors2

Veggie Grill fed the VVC participants the first night of the conference with a kale salad marinated in their ginger-papaya vinaigrette, chickin’ wings and a chicken’ wrap served with ranch and buffalo wing sauce.


It was so tasty that Neal and I ate there later that night. He got the Chipotle BBQ burger and mac and cheese.IMG_0560 _Snapseed

IMG_0559 _Snapseed

I had the Baja Fiesta salad which had papayas and was served with that delicious ginger-papaya vinaigratte.

IMG_0558 _Snapseed

Portland, I may not be able to live with you just yet, but the dream is still alive.
IMG_0677 _Snapseed

Viva la Portland! IMG_0692 _Snapseed