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It’s the second installment of Vegangrams. Most of these were taken since my summer par-tay started (read: much needed and much too short break after an academic year that chewed me up and spit me out after swishing me around for a while).

So, according to my phone and in no particular order:

Awesome summer break perk…lunch specials! Like the lunch special at Harmony Vegetarian which is the perfect amount of food. I always get the Szechuan string beans when I’m there because its delicious.

 Almond milk, pea protein powder and whatever fresh or frozen fruit on hand (and sometimes coconut water) in the Vitamix equals after-gym muscle food.

Green beans and tofu peanut satay over kelp noodles. The peanut satay is just a blend of peanut butter, coconut milk, red curry paste and a touch of sweetener.

Noochy stuffed baked artichokes with bread crumbs. I posted this recipe a loooong time ago here. This time I cut the amount of Earth balance by half and it turned out just as good.

Inspired by the post from belalu, I made my own summer salad. I never measure stuff when I make this (I just taste it with my mouth as I go), but here’s what’s in it: quinoa, black beans, corn, handful chopped cilantro, tomatoes (seeded), Vidalia onions, avocado and the dressing (olive oil, lime juice, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper).

Are you ready? Apparently, I live in a hotbed of outbreak shall the zombie apocalypse occur.  Good thing I’ve been working out (see #1 in this post) and am prepared to haul myself out of the city into safe zones all while chopping zombie heads off Michonne-style.

Chia seed chocolate almond milk. I eats it.

Oh, donuts.Why must I love you so? Revolution Doughnuts opened up and most of their donuts (doughnuts?) are vegan. They have some fried ones and some baked, cakey ones. They are all good. My mouth likes them all. (Pictured: almond, cinnamon sugar and chocolate glazed).

Chocolate raspberry mousse slice from Cafe Sunflower. No need to elaborate.

Amazing coconut curry that N made that has canned seitan (more on that in a future post), bell pepper, potatoes and mushrooms. This was actually taken on one of my last days at work, so instead of working while I ate, I was reading Game of Thrones and taking pics on my phone.

Ever since I saw the raw vegan ceviche over at feast your eyes on my veg, I’ve been making my own variants. This one has sea kelp noodles mixed with hearts of palm, avocados, peaches, tomatoes, cilantro, jalepeno, lime juice, salt and pepper.

Catching up on my monthlies. I discovered a new one (Mind MGMT) that seems promising.

1/2 limeade, 1/2 sparkling water with ice and blueberries poured in a jar to up the hipster factor. Vegan Kat made a better homemade version of this. Mine is store-bought limeade.

Vegan BBQ plate special over at Burnt Fork that includes the bbq tofu, kale (sooo delicious b/c it’s sweet and candied), fries, bread and pickles.

Oh, the strange things I find at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. Can somebody please explain this label to me?

My obsession with ackee continues. I discovered that these babies are expensive ($12-$14 at regular stores), so I  stocked up on a few cans at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market where they are half the price. This is just ackee mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, black salt (the same sulphury one used to make the eggless salad) and pepper.

Dinner at Soul Veg Two. I got the egg salad pita with onion rings, N got the mac-n-cheese and the bbq cauliflower.

I hoard yarn. This is only part of my stash. A summer goal is to catch up on knitting projects.

Breakfast biscuit with bacon and cheese at Dulce Vegan. Looks like I had some of their awesome tea too.

Happy Friday!

PS. We have two dogs.  Nikko will be featured in more future posts, b/c I think she’s getting jealous of Miles’ blog time.

Mmmmm…..brains….raw brains

I recently discovered a magical fruit called ackee. It hails from Jamaica and is also known as the “exotic vegetable brain” despite the fact that it’s a fruit and it’s definitely not brains. The nickname is presumably due to its wrinkly brain-like appearance (click here to see a backlit picture of an ackee). The texture of this is buttery-smooth and has a melt in your mouth consistency. Some compare it to scrambled eggs. The taste is mild and frankly, hard to describe. All I know is I am officially addicted to these tiny fruit brains.



While doing some research on ackee (did you know that unripe ackee can be poisonous?), I stumbled across this video by livefoodexperience on how to make a raw ackee omelet/scramble. The guy in the video is actually IN Jamaica so he’s got the fresh stuff….and the sun and the beaches…but I digress. I was still able to recreate raw Jamaican scramble in my kitchen. Ya mon!

Here’s what I did. I rinsed and drained a can of ackee.

Then, I roughly mashed up about a cup of young coconut flesh with a fork. I got the young coconut flesh from my local asian market in the freezer section. I’ve used fresh young coconut before, but until I get a machete for chopping young coconuts (and for chopping zombie heads off), its easier to use the already cut frozen stuff.

Then I added the coconut flesh to the ackee, threw in some fresh chopped tomatoes and a little bit of miso, salt and black pepper. Stirred it up and…

Ya mon, raw ackee scramble! The livefoodexperience guy used black salt in his to give the scramble a real sulfur-y taste (like eggs), but do you know how hard it is to find black salt in stores? Its hard. Its like trying to find a vegan at a Mcdonalds. I’m ordering some black salt online. Black salt or no black salt this was melt in my mouth raw awesomeness! I plan to make this regularly as it is super easy and tasty. The only thing this dish was missing was the tropical setting…maybe next time.