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VeganDish Pottery Giveaway!

VeganDish is a line of beautifully handcrafted pottery by local Atlanta artist Jeanette Zeis. It’s pottery that is “made for vegans, by a vegan”. I already own some VeganDish pieces, but last weekend I got seconds!VeganDish

Jeanette and her partner Kenn TwoFour (also an Atlanta artist, also vegan) are taking their whole operation to the Pacific Northwest (Hey Pacific Northwest, isn’t it enough that you have mountains and ocean and a nice cool climate?).

Because they needed to clear out their stock, they had a huuuge sale last weekend on old stock and studio seconds. Studio seconds are basically products that maybe have minor imperfections making them not “suitable” for full price. I dunno if I’m explaining that right. But when we went, I saw nothing but beautiful pieces of pottery at crazy marked down prices.


I was able to pick up a few of her illustrated pieces that I’ve been eyeballing for a while. AND I got a VeganDish mug and bowl for ONE OF YOU! I’m so excited to share this with you guys. I have a VeganDish mug and it’s one of my most favorite mugs on the whole planet. I don’t have a bowl and I kinda want to keep this one. But I think the mug and bowl are just too cute together so I’m giving away both!

Sorry, the giveaway is closed.

Congratulations to Sheri from A Dreaded Vegan for winning the pottery set!

 All ya gotta do to enter this giveaway is:

  • leave a comment telling me what vegan dish (or drink) you would put in your VeganDish if you won

When you leave a comment, make sure to enter your email privately in the form so I can contact you if you win. The giveaway will close at midnight (EST) on October 4th (next Friday). I will pick a winner randomly using Oh, and this is open to anyone with a mailbox. Edited to add: This means even international! 🙂

A weekend, brought to you by the letter F

is for freeing a caterpillar from a dangerous bike ride.

IMG_4799 _Snapseed

F is for feeling like a kid again when getting up close and personal with trains.
IMG_4808 _Snapseed

F is for festival, the Inman Park festival where we got to see Jeanette Zeis (a local vegan artist) selling her goods alongside Kenn Twofour.inmanparkfest1F is for food…

IMG_4723 _Snapseed

Friday night take away from Chinese Buddha. They have a separate veg menu and these are satay sticks.

IMG_4815 _Snapseed

Strawberry-banana pop from King of Pops.

IMG_4840 _Snapseed

Vegan reuben from Dough Bakery/ Gutenfleischers (click for link)

IMG_4855 _Snapseed

A sad version of raw ackee scramble with green onions. We needed to get groceries. (click pic for a better version)

IMG_4868 _Snapseed

Enh. This was just enh. But again, we had no food in the house. We needed to get to the store.

F is for furbabies that need their nails trimmed.

IMG_4760 _SnapseedF is for f*ck, I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Atlanta Veg Fest 2013 and Vegan Bake Sale!

It’s seven months away but we are super excited about the upcoming Atlanta Veg Fest on Saturday, November 9th.  Not only because last year’s was a great success and a lot of fun, but this year Neal has created an original illustration exclusively for the event!


Click on the pic to see all of Neal’s work.

The masterminds behind Atlanta Veg Fest will be putting up Neal’s hand printed design for pre-order on their website sometime soon. The Atlanta Veg Fest facebook link has all the up to date info on everything surrounding the event, including info about the Atlanta Vegan Bake sale on April 20th which benefits the ATL vegfest.  That’s THIS Saturday people! I can’t wait to see what kind of goodies they have there this year!


Image from Atlanta Veg Fest facebook page.

Oh yeah! So much good stuff coming up for vegan ATL!

TGI Free-day

Free food app

I use this free app to find vegan recipes based on what I have in the kitchen. I could do this on my computer , but things look way cooler on tiny phone screens. I mainly use the app for inspiration, but sometimes I follow the recipes instead of going rogue like this here tofu and sesame noodle salad  (we added “ham”)

and this creamy cashew macaroni.

Free online vegan starter kit

I’ve added this link to my “vegan resources tab”. Created by Adam Kochanowicz and Sandra Cummings, this kit is educational and informative.  It’s an excellent link to add to blogs and social media sites and to email to the vegan-curious.

Free art

Make art, find art. Every first Friday of the month (that would be today!), there’s an art scavenger hunt in Atlanta thanks to Free Art Friday Atlanta (FAFTL). Using the hints on the FAFTL twitter feed, we’ve found a few pieces in the past. N has even hid his own screen-printed posters and t-shirts around town a few times.

Free market

The first Saturday of every month (that’s tomorrow!), Atlanta holds a Really Really Free Market in Troy Davis/Woodruff Park (1pm) where everything is truly FREE. We went to the one in June and it was a nice respite from the buy-buy-buy culture we live in. People were excited to take home some of the stuff we brought and we were excited to find some interesting reads.

It’s not clear whether there is one this month. I read somewhere they were recently harassed by police even though no laws are being broken. All the more reason to drop by and support “everything for everyone”. Not in Atlanta? There may be one near you.

Happy Free-day!

Teleportation Salad

Tropical Vacation Withdrawal

 My first mini-comic! Pencils by me. Inking by N.

This is a dish I threw together in an attempt to take me back to my tropical vacation in the Keys…at least in my mouth.

I cooked 1 cup of quinoa (1/2 white, 1/2 red) and let it cool. Then I threw in some chunks of papaya, mango, avocado and some leftover “ham”, and a handful of chopped cilantro. In a separate bowl I whisked together the dressing: macadamia oil infused with chili, key-lime juice, salt and pepper (I can’t remember the measurements because I just poured and pinched and dashed without really thinking).

Then I mixed the dressing with the quinoa and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour before we ate it. To fully recreate the experience, I thought about locating a sandbox and eating this in my swimsuit like a crazy lady. But I didn’t. Never say never though is my motto!

There’s a level of connectivity. That’s really what you want in life, you want to feel connected.

~Neil DeGrasse Tyson

This level of connectivity that I have (and feel) with the universe, the earth and all other earthlings is one reason why I choose to be vegan. To tread lightly and live compassionately.

Click play below to hear astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s inspiring response to TIME magazine’s question “What is the most astounding fact that you can share with us about the universe?”.

Amazing video done by Max Schlickenmeyer.