Curtain Call

Dear readers  friends,

This day was a long time coming, but it’s time for me to say goodbye to this blog. I’ve enjoyed the journey —from everything I’ve learned, to the very good people that I have met because of this blog. But I can’t fake enthusiasm for something which I no longer have enthusiasm or time for. To be clear,  I’m talking about the blogging part. I’m still vegan through and through. That’s a part of me like the color of my eyes is a part of me.

For the past couple of years, I left the blog up hoping that the excitement I once felt for it would come back. But try as I might, I could never seem to get excited about creating recipes, setting up the perfect food shot and cracking some joke about the vegan army. For anyone that knows me, you know that the last year or so has been full of big life changes and challenges that have caused me to grow, learn and develop as a person. And this blog just doesn’t resonate with who I am today. As with any life change, it truly is bittersweet. I’m sad to say goodbye, the finality of it all, but I know in my heart that it’s time to let go. Plus, I ain’t miss moneybags over here and these sites cost money.

Seriously though. Thanks for anyone that’s read, commented and tried a “recipe” over the years. Your friendship means the world to me. There are so many great vegan blogs out there these days. The world is vegan if you want it.

With love,





4 thoughts on “Curtain Call

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I am hoping so….I would say, copy and paste your most favorite ones. I am sorry for the suddenness of this, but it is out of my hands right now. I have exported the blog file and will hope to be able to transfer to a free wordpress site when I have the time….

  1. Amanda

    I have to admit, I was so excited to see a new post notification in my email, and I’m so sad to see you go. While I don’t know the challenges you’ve been through, I understand losing the excitement for blogging. It’s a lot of work! I wish you all the best, and please contact me if you’re ever in or around Louisville, KY (yes, I’m still here).


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