A Review of Tasty Bite Meal Packets

I have a secret. I sometimes get sick of cooking. It’s not that my meals are super elaborate, over the top, or full of multi-step craziness either. I just sometimes get sick of the chopping and the washing and always having wet hands. I’m lucky that I have Neal to pick up the slack when I get like this. But sometimes both of us feel slack.  Or worse, Neal’s not around when I’m in a cooking rut. That’s when eating black beans straight from the can will actually happen.

So I was stoked when Tasty Bite * sent me some of their nuke ’em in-about-a-minute meals right around when Neal was going away on business for a week. This brand is touted as all-natural and they have a bunch of dishes from Asia and India.  Though not an all-vegan company, they carry many vegan products.


The first I tried was the Channa Massala. I love Indian food, so having a quick and easy way to eat it at home is great. The sauce was really delicious. I thought the chickpeas were a little dry in the middle, but that’s a personal pref. I had it with rice and it filled me up quite nicely.


Next is Kung Pao Noodles.  I’m not sure if this was authentic Kung Pao flavor or not, but I enjoyed the slightly spicy flavor and appreciated that the noodles were completely coated in flavor. The noodles were like if spaghetti noodles and lo mein noodles had a baby.


The packets that I didn’t think I would like were the rice packets because rice….bor-ing. But I ended up liking them a lot. The Ginger Lentil Rice was really flavorful and makes me want to experiment with flavoring rice. I had this with tofu (not pictured).tastybite-9975-1

The Thai Lime Rice was also really good stuff! It had a dominant taste of lime and lemongrass. Both of the rice dishes cooked up nice and fluffy and they weren’t clumpy. I definitely could have just enjoyed the rice by itself, but I used it in a burrito with some Beyond Meat to make it a meal.


Finally, my favorite was the Punjab Eggplant. This stuff was the “ugliest” of the bunch but it was the best one! It was oh so creamy, flavorful and delicious! Each bite was bursting with flavor.  We ate it with rice and it was so good that I wanted seconds.


Tasty Bite is around $3.29 for Asian noodles and entrees and $2.49 for rices at most grocery stores.  These would be nice for lazy days as you can just slit open the packs and stick ’em in the microwave. They can also be boiled in the pouch on a stove so they would be great for camping. The packages are BPA free, so no worries there.

They can feed two people if they are served with something else like rice or tofu, though servings will be on the small side. At least for us. We eat a lot. The noodle dishes are a one serving deal to me. If I catch a sale on these, I’ll definitely nab a few of the creamy Indian dishes to keep on hand. I think the Indian dishes are where it’s at with this company.  And they most definitely beat black beans out of a can…like by a lot.

What are your favorite pre-packaged lazy meals?

*These meal packets were kindly sent to me by Tasty Bite. My review is my straight up honest opinion on the product (i.e. they ain’t payin’ me for this).


23 thoughts on “A Review of Tasty Bite Meal Packets

  1. Kylie - FotV

    The Indian flavors would be perfect in my household because I love Indian food, but my husband hates it, so I don’t get to indulge much. But I could easily make one of these for myself and let him figure out his own meal, hahahahaha!

    If only I had a microwave 😦 I suppose the boiling thing could work though.

  2. VegCharlotte

    I like Tasty Bite too! And if you have an Indian grocery nearby you can purchase them even cheaper. It’s funny what you said about the eggplant – I love North Indian eggplant dishes, but eggplant just isn’t a pretty vegetable!

  3. Mel

    We get the Indian range of Tasty Bite packets over in Australia although the packaging looks completely different. I relied on them heaps earlier this year when we went on a big road trip – they are so handy for travelling! The eggplant was our favourite too, it’s so soft and delicious.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Hmm, what does the packaging look like in Australia? I think they would be splendid for a road trip. That’s a really good idea. There are times when I visit my sister (not vegan) and we kind of have to fend for ourselves when it comes to food so these would be handy. And yes, the eggplant one was definitely the winner!

  4. caitlingu

    I don’t really have a vegan convenience food somehow…this looks great! Wish I could get them here in the UK for those nights when it’s late/I’m tired/I just don’t have the energy to cook.

  5. Hannah

    I can’t even believe we did Tasty Bite reviews on the same day! The Punjab Eggplant was my favorite as well. We were going to search for a version to make at home, but I feel like Tasty Bite’s is perfect. Unless I have an overstock of eggplant I’ll probably just always buy this one!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Whew, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person who likes pre-packaged foods. Sometimes seeing all the wonderful homemade vegan dishes on blogs makes me feel like I should be cooking all the time.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Ha ha. Me and housevegan both posted our reviews of Tasty Bite on the SAME day! I think it’s good when multiple bloggers review the same stuff because it lets people see different perspectives. And yes, the Thai lime rice one was delicious!

  6. beatlebird

    I like to cook on my own too, and was a little skeptical at first when I found Tasty Bite in the local health food store; but I’m a sucker for Indian food, and I, too, get lazy sometimes. I thought it was actually good. Definitely needs add-ins (rice, tofu, &c.) to flesh it out to make a meal, but is certainly way quicker than cooking Indian from scratch!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Agreed! I would love to say that I’m the kind of person that makes every single meal from scratch but nah, I get lazy. As far as lazy foods go though, I think these are a great, healthy option.

  7. jessicacorra

    I thought you didn’t like eggplant? 🙂

    We don’t do packaged food very often, but we’re fans of Gardein Chik’n nuggets or vegan sausage on occasion. Our “I don’t want to cook” dinners consist of steaming broccoli and beans or just a baked potato with salsa or something, since the cooking time is all hands-off.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I’m beginning to fall in love with eggplant, seriously! 🙂 Ever since making it I have bought it at the farmer’s market every week. I even ate it twice in one day. When I fall for a new vegetable or food, I fall hard and become slightly obsessed 🙂

      I like your idea of hands off cooking. Baked potato with salsa sounds like a satisfying meal. Great idea!


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