Tales from the Vegan Army

This original image was originally posted to Flickr by isafmedia. (click)

Original image was posted to Flickr by isafmedia (Creative Commons). (click)

When we first moved to Atlanta, we lived within walking distance to a very hip, happening place called Little 5 Points. In said hip area, was a small Thai restaurant that we ambled into one day hoping against hope that there might be some vegan offerings. There were! But they came with something extra…

NEAL: [opening the menu after being seated] Oh, they have tofu. That’s promising.

ME: Yeah, they have a lot of tofu options actually.

WAITRESS: [walking up to our table] You guys ready to order?

ME: I think so, but we have a couple of questions. Do you know if these dishes have eggs or fish/shrimp sauce in them? [points to menu items]

WAITRESS: [looks at the menu items I am pointing to] Ummmm, I dunno. Lemme check with the cook. Are you guys like vegetarian or something?

NEAL: Actually, we’re vegan.

WAITRESS: [starts nodding head up and down and eyes get all knowing] Oh, ok. Lemme see.

After a couple of minutes, she returns.

WAITRESS: Those dishes are fine. I made sure they didn’t have any animal stuff in it. [looks really pleased with herself]

NEAL: Wow! That’s great! Thank you so much for checking! [smiling and grateful]

ME[nodding and smiling in gratitude] 

WAITRESS: Yeah, well. I know how you vegans can be. [rolls eyes]

Awkward silence.

ME: Uh. [looking confused]


wait for it…


wait for it…

WAITRESS: You know!! All ANAL and stuff.

The end.

It was strange being insulted and yet nicely accommodated (food-wise) at the same time.  We never ate there again. The food wasn’t that great. The business in that building has since changed like three times.

Expect more tales from the vegan army* in the future where I’ll share those oh-so special moments that we’ve experienced (either recently or way long ago like in this post) that only a vegan can relate to.

*The title of this blog post is inspired by a friend who described my blog as being about “that vegan army stuff”. Thanks guy. The resistance is here.


21 thoughts on “Tales from the Vegan Army

  1. RG

    Yikes what a b*tch. I wouldn’t even stay for the food after hearing her say that. But yeah, when dining out, I would usually tell the server that I’m allergic to certain ingredients-like animal products. That way, it’s more of a food safety/legal thing which then they become more willingly compliant. Hopefully someday they’ll understand but right now, I’m afraid non-veg restaurants just don’t get it.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Yeah, it was a very strange situation. I think we were just kind of in shock (and hungry), so we ended up staying. We didn’t tip well though. In her defense, I think she genuinely thought that we would agree with her and have a good laugh about it—like, “oh yeah,ha ha…we ARE really anal aren’t we?”

      I used to tell servers it was a food allergy thing too but now I just tell it like it is 😛 This is partly due to me not giving any f**ks about these kinds of things as I get older.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I find that most of my interesting stories were from back in the day. I think becauxe vegan has become more mainstream, but even today, interesting things happen!

  2. Maggie Muggins

    Lol, wow! I can’t believe she just insulted you to your faces like that. Talk about A+ service *giant eyeroll* I’ve partaked in my fair share of vegan bitchfests, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this series 🙂

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Ha ha! Yeah, I think we were kind of shock. Honestly, this lady was kind of strange and I think she really thought we would agree with her…almost like she was just stating the facts.

  3. Katie of Vegan Noms

    Oh my god, what the fuck, holy shit, how on Earth, etc.!!! This is astounding. Mind-boggling. That person seems so completely oblivious… makes my brain want to explode. Pisses me off that there are so many people out there who don’t have ANY understanding of the reasons someone goes vegan. Like it’s a fad or some shit. I’d write to management!

    Hope you’ve had more positive experiences in restaurants to even this one out! *huff*

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Well, the business has since closed. There were plenty of things we came up with to say….after the fact of course. I have trouble with situations like this because I am a very non-confrontational person. We’ve definitely had better restaurant experiences. Most of my “horror” stories are from long ago.

  4. veganadian

    LOL!!! I can’t recall how many times this has happened.
    Stay strong, soldiers!
    Loving this little serie! ^.^


  5. saplingvegan

    HAHA! I loved this post. People sucks. Once my boyfriend and I had just met a friend of a friend of a friend and he said,

    “You’re vegans? Whadda eat? Carrots? Whadda ya Bugs Bunny or somthin’?!”

    We had never been so mocked and entertained at the same time. We joke about it all the time.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Ha ha! So your friend (of a friend of a friend) never eats carrots? It’s funny that most people don’t realize that unless they are like some hard core meat eater, they probably eat more plant based dishes than they realize. Also, I find that most omnivores (the same ones that will pick on me for being vegan) will “ooh and aahh” over food that I eat saying it “looks so good”. Go figure.


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