Welcome Food Surprises

When little things become amazing things.

Little thing:

I jokingly told Neal that he should make me breakfast on Saturday.

Amazing thing:

He not only made me breakfast, but he made it a nice spread with a tropical twist because he knew I had tropic lust. (tropic lust: noun, the desire for all things tropical when you see people’s tropical vacay pics on instagram).

French toast (recipe here) with coconut shavings and maple syrup.

IMG_6528 _Snapseed

A virgin pina colada with coconut water, fresh pineapple, coconut cream, almond milk and ice.IMG_6550 _Snapseed

Little thing:

A friend texts suggesting we all eat and hang out at their pool.

Amazing thing:

We not only hang out and have good times, but it spontaneously turns into an amazing shared vegan meal!

It was a “build a plate/bowl”ย smorgasbord.vegspread

Left side below: watermelon, basil, strawberry and tomato skewers with a sweet balsamic dressing; Udon noodles with bamboo shoots, baby corn, and tofu with a soy and sesame dressing; and nachos with black beans, scrambled tofu, fresh corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green onions covered with a salsa and melted Daiya mix.


Right side above: Jasmine rice topped with bbq soy bits, slaw, green onions and ranch (this was what we brought and it was our nod toย Native Bowl’s Mississippi bowl).

I had seconds of everything!

And for dessert we had open-faced s’mores and a lovely blueberry cobbler made with organic blueberries and oats.

IMG_0817 _Snapseed

My only regret is that I could not make more room in my stomach because I wanted to keep having magical tastes in my mouth.

28 thoughts on “Welcome Food Surprises

  1. veganadian

    Wow! What an amazing time!!! Those dishes look beautiful! Thank you for inspiration, I now want a Pina colada! Luckily, I have a fresh pineapple here and the ingredients shared!

  2. Kylie

    Wow, wow, wow!! What a guy!
    Beautiful food!
    And I think ‘tropic’ is going to be the next ‘epic.’ I feel you on that… I posted my OWN pictures of a four-year old tropical vacation on FB just so I could virtually satisfy all the tropic lust I’ve been feeling. This is brilliant. I think I’ll have to share this with my husband ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I know. I especially have been in tropic lust mode since it has been seriously rainy and overcast here for the past day and a half. I’m thinking of having another pina colada just to mind teleport out of this gloom.

      Yes! Make your husband make you food. All the cool husbands/partners are doing it ;-P

        1. luminousvegans Post author

          LOL. At first, I was like–umm, hash? Oh, like hashbrowns! I think I’ve been watching too much of this show called “Locked Up Abroad” about people who get caught smuggling drugs.

          Woohoo for having food made for you! I love it!

  3. RG

    Hooray for little things turning into something much more amazing and pleasantly unexpected – that’s the best kind of surprise.

  4. Maggie Muggins

    I’m starting to think I should suggest that Philip make me brunch and cross my fingers that he pulls a Neal ๐Ÿ™‚ Virgin piรฑa coladas sound amazing!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Dude, doooo it! Just start droppin’ subtle hints—“wow, look at all these pineapples and ice cubes in the fridge” while holding an empty cup with a tiny umbrella in it.

  5. Ally

    Oh now I am hungry! All of the food looks amazing. The piรฑa colada sounds delicious too.
    ‘Tropic lust’- love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. ameyfm

    wow!!!!!! What a totally awesome post! I would pass out with disbelief and joy if my fella made me tropical french toast. That is a serious dream of mine. I love your big giant friends feast too – the food looks and sounds so delicious!!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I think I take it for granted that Neal does this stuff for me. I think I might try suggesting other crazy outlandish things to him as a joke and see what happens. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. celestedimilla

    What a wonderful day full of kindness and yumminess (is yumminess even a word?). Anyway, I think I might make today and amazing day by making that virgin pina colada – yum!! Celeste ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I’ve been on a pina colada binge ever since. The bout of rain doesn’t help the situation either. And I think yumminess is a word, but even if it isn’t it makes sense! I make up words all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

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