Breakfast in PDX

I can’t believe I have more food posts from Portland. No wait, yes I can—it’s a vegan wonderland (like that John Mayer song but way better). And to think that we only scratched the surface!

Vita Cafe

I had the “Faux Tofurkey Florentine” which was two English muffins topped with local tofu, homemade faux turkey, spinach and vegan hollandaise. I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat it all, but I did.

IMG_0577 _Snapseed

Neal got the “2+2+2” which was tofu, vegan sausage and French toast. I ate some of his French Toast…delish!

IMG_0578 _Snapseed

Hungry Tiger Too

Neal got the Β “Chicken’ and Waffle”, which he kindly let me take generous bites of.

IMG_0739 _Snapseed

I got, two vegan corn dogs with a side of slaw. I know corn dogs isn’t breakfast-y, but vegan corn dogs!! While they weren’t mind blowingly amazing, I enjoyed eating them again after not having had one for many years.

IMG_0738 _Snapseed

Both of these places were pretty casual, but Hungry Tiger Too had more of a classic diner feel. Both meals were delicious and if we had more time, I would have liked to eat my way through both menus.


18 thoughts on “Breakfast in PDX

  1. Richgail Enriquez

    “Like the John Mayer song only better”- lol! Breakfast food rocks, especially the Florentine you just posted. Goodness gracious.

  2. Starr

    Stop teasing me!!!! That 2+2+2 breakfast looks perfect! It bums me out that there aren’t any restaurants around me that serve a hearty vegan breakfast… Ok, one. They have a tofu scramble, but it kind of sucks 😦

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Yeah, I think it can be tough to find places that do vegan breakfast foods right. I hate getting tofu scrambles that I’m like, “really? I could do like 10 times better..”. I guess that is why so many vegans have learned to cook, at least that was the case for me. Luckily though when I don’t feel like being in the kitchen, Atlanta has some great vegan breakfast options.

  3. Hannah (BitterSweet)

    I wish I could have spend about 10 times as long in Portland! There just weren’t enough meals in a day to cover so many amazing restaurants… These are both two places I wish I could have checked out. That French toast looks crazy good.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Agreed! We easily could have spent an extra week there and I still don’t think we would have tried all the great vegan eats that Portland has to offer. Not to mention that we didn’t even really get a chance to explore the nature-y side of Portland.

  4. Kristy

    I didn’t make it to Vita or Hungry Tiger Too! I definitely need to go back so I can experience that Tofurkey Florentine! Wowzers!

  5. Cadry's Kitchen

    Since I missed out on the corn dogs, I’m relieved to hear that they weren’t mind blowingly amazing. I’ve thought about making vegan corn dogs with the frankfurters from Field Roast, but it’s hard to justify an afternoon gathered around a deep fryer! πŸ™‚

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Ha ha. Yeah, we always talk about getting a deep fryer. But I had one growing up and I just remember them being really messy and we never really found a proper way to deal with all that oil.

  6. Maggie Muggins

    Oh. My. God! I’m totally jealous of all your breakfasts eats. That french toast looks beyond perfect and I don’t blame you for ordering corndogs for breakfast, I definitely would have done the same. I mean come on. CORNDOGS!


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