Fine Dining in PDX

Ever eat food so good that it made you close your eyes with every bite? Or made you dig deep to find that last empty reserve in your stomach so you could eat all the goodness that lay before you? This happened to us a lot in PDX, but embarrassingly noticeably so at The Blossoming Lotus and Departure.

Though Blossoming Lotus is an all vegan restaurant, I had no trouble picking out what I wanted. Neal wanted it too. No way were we both gonna order the same thing at a new restaurant. So instead I went with the “Carribean Phyllo Roulade”- sweet potato mash and jerked seasonal veggies wrapped in phyllo dough and served with a carrot Habanero sauce and mixed greens with a pickled onion and hazelnut vinaigrette.

IMG_0646 _Snapseed

And Neal ordered the lasagna off the specials which was seitan bolognese, cashew basil cream, heirloom tomato, sorrel pesto and olive.  I know the food is beyond delicious when I end up closing my eyes and moaning in pleasure with each bite and I don’t even care that other patrons think we’re doing kinky food stuff. Throw in some picture-taking while muttering, “oh yeah baby” under my breath…hello crazy lady!

IMG_0647 _Snapseed

We made room for dessert and got the raw cheesecake a la mode with the soft serve flavor of the day, orange creamsicle. More blissed out moans of pleasure.

IMG_0649 _Snapseed

Though Departure is not a vegan restaurant it offers a complete vegan menu as well as a gluten-free menu (many non-vegan restaurants in PDX do this).  This restaurant is located directly downtown on the top floor of a hotel giving fabulous views of the city. Enh, are ya sure we’re dressed for this? Yes, hoodies and sneaks are a-ok.

Up first, dim sum! And because I love buns, we got two! “Steamed Onion-Ginger Buns” with a maple chili glaze (gobbled up before a pic of the inside was taken)

IMG_0744 _Snapseed

and “BBQ Tempeh Buns” filled with Korean bbq sauce and spicy slaw. I wonder if they can freeze these and mail them to me so I can have them for breakfast.

IMG_0746 _Snapseed

Next, we had the “Grilled Shiitake Roll” with scallions, avocado, butter lettuce and carrot sauce,IMG_0748 _Snapseed

and “Sweet Potato Tempura Roll” with spinach, ginger and spicy miso. I love that, one, I got to eat tempura because tempura usually has eggs in it and two, that these rolls broke out of the normal vegan humdrum of avocado and cucumber rolls.IMG_0749 _Snapseed

And for dessert, a “Departure Banana Split” with banana tempura, cherry compote, miso butterscotch and peanut brittle ice cream. Let the eye closing and pleasure moaning commence, onlookers be damned.

IMG_0755 _Snapseed

10 thoughts on “Fine Dining in PDX

  1. Richgail Enriquez

    That’s it! Chris and I are going to Portland! Gee whiz those dishes do look dreamy! I didn’t even need to see the picture of the lasagna, I was already salivating just by reading the description. Can somebody say “food porn”?!

  2. northvanvegan

    I really wanted to try Departure after hearing Grant Butler speak about it, but didn’t get a chance to go. That dessert sounds ridiculously amazing! Thanks for the pics — I will need to book another trip to Portland now 🙂

  3. Cadry's Kitchen

    Oh, man! I’m so disappointed that I didn’t try Departure. I only saw pictures of the restaurant after we were booked for the rest of the trip. I would have needed both types of buns too! That was always my favorite part of dim sum and not easy to find a vegan version! I’ve been thinking about making my own using the recipe in Vegan Eats World, but that requires facing my fear of dough-making! 🙂 Departure is definitely on the list for the next time I’m in Portland!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      We went because Isa recommended it to our writing workshop group and I was like, well if Isa says so….:-) I am scared of dough just like you so doughnuts and buns are out. Neal has made pizza dough before but working with dough just seems scary and time consuming to me. The local asian store luckily has some vegan buns in their freezer section but it doesn’t compare to the ones at Departure.


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