Vegans on a Monadnock

This weekend we went on a short hike in Arabia Mountain. We walked along two trails. The first was “Forest Hill” and it was, well, forest-y.IMG_0433 _Snapseed

We went past Arabia Lake. Nikko (our girl pup) was feeling adventurous and ended up falling in the lake. Poor girl. She was ok. I didn’t get a picture of her falling in…what kind of mother do you think I am??
IMG_0446 _Snapseed

After we passed the lake, we took “Mile Rock” trail back to the nature center. This part of the trail is all rock. Although Arabia Mountain is called a mountain, it’s actually a granite monadnock. This just means it’s an isolated and exposed rock hill. IMG_0472 _Snapseed

Granite used to be quarried here so there are still big chunks lying about.
IMG_0476 _Snapseed

The entire time it threatened to rain on us.IMG_0474 _Snapseed

But we made it back to the car dry.Image 1 _Snapseed

When we got home, I made us a couple of smoothies with mango, peaches, tangerines, strawberries and pineapples.IMG_0490 _Snapseed

And the dogs, who are city dogs through and through, recouped from being out in nature.IMG_5038 _Snapseed

9 thoughts on “Vegans on a Monadnock

  1. Molly

    Aw, poor Nikko falling in the lake! Did she seem okay with it or did it freak her out? We’d love to find a clean, warmer lake for our girls to swim in but haven’t had much luck with that yet. Our girls are always very tired after hiking, too. 🙂

    Love that picture of you two. So cute!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      It happened so fast. She just walked right up to the lake and kerplunk! I think she thought it was shallower at the edge and that she could stand ankle (do dogs have ankles?) deep in it. Surprisingly though, she was relatively calm. She just scurried out and shook off. I’m not sure if our dogs know how to swim…they are very unique puppies :-).

      Do your girls enjoy swimming?

      1. Molly

        Well, Emma’s only been in a shallow lake and Rowan has been afraid of any water we’ve been near so far. I can’t see either of them enjoying swimming, but who knows, maybe they will if we find the right lake. 🙂


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