Tassili’s Raw Reality

As far as I know, there are only two pure raw food restaurants in Atlanta: Loving it Live and Tassili’s Raw Reality. Loving it Live is great, but it’s pretty far for us. So we were happy to discover Tassili’s Raw Reality a couple of months ago.

IMG_0324 _Snapseed

Outside they have produce and herbs growing. How awesome is that!

Image _Snapseed

The inside feels very cozy. Partly because it’s small but mainly because it’s decorated with warm, inviting art and colors.

IMG_0339 _Snapseed

It’s the kind of place where you place your order at the counter and they bring the food to you or you can take it away.IMG_0330 _Snapseed

A lot of the menu items are displayed in the front glass case. IMG_0332 _Snapseed

Since a lot of things are prepared fresh, a longish wait time during peak hours is not uncommon. The wait is not bad since it’s such a cozy place and on Sundays they have live music.IMG_0352 _Snapseed

On our first visit, we got a lot of food in order to try a bunch of stuff. Neal got (clockwise) the sweet coconut corn, pad thai noodles, curried plantains and karamu couscous.Image 1 _Snapseed

I got (clockwise) black love stew, spicy kale salad, a nori roll and black-eyed pea hummus.Image 3 _Snapseed

Now I think we’ve figured out our favorites. These descriptions are taken from the online menu.

  • karamu couscous:  A lightly sweet, fluffy, festival of couscous, raisins and berries that is perfect on its own or as a complement to the Spicy Kale and other savory dishes
  • sweet coconut corn: This dish is like drinking sweet kernel corn right from a freshly split coconut bowl cut straight from the tree.
  • spicy kale salad: With one of nature’s most nutritionally complete foods as its base, Tassili’s Spicy Kale is a flavorful blend of fresh kale, red onion, sun dried tomatoes, spices and, of course, the love that brings it all together (personal note: this stuff is for reals spicy and I don’t normally like spicy but this is soooo good!)
  • nori rolls: How can so much satisfaction be packed into such a little unassuming roll? Taste it and you’ll understand. Tassili’s Nori Rolls is a flavorful blend of sunflower and pumpkin seed, wakame seaweed, scotch bonnet and spices (I cannot eat at Tassili’s without having at least one nori roll)

IMG_0346 _Snapseed IMG_0350 _Snapseed

There are still many things on the menu that we want to try like the w-raps, spicy naked tacos and the eggplant pizza so we will be back.

What are your favorite raw foods and/or restaurants like?

12 thoughts on “Tassili’s Raw Reality

  1. Kylie

    Looks so good!! Our favorite vegan/ raw restaurant is called The Blossoming Lotus and they do amazing things with seasonal veggies and soy curls. They also have great cocktails and desserts. It’s not nearly as cozy and casual and fun looking as this place, though!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      That is cool that you are growing your own greens! One day I will try growing produce again, but so far, every attempt I make has been an epic fail 😦

  2. Donna Barnes

    First I want to say I love the wrap but I think it is ridiculous that you would charge 3 dollars to no have onions in the wrap. Also I picked up my wrap and I tasted like someone had poured the salt container in it when I called for a refund I was told I had to bring the wrap back to say the least I live 30 minutes from there but I took it back because that was 23 dollars. So yesterday when my sister ordered I didn’t and until that rule of paying 3 extra I will not be ordering and I know my business is not needed but maybe others feel the same


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