Ethical Choices Program (for schools)


*image from the Ethical Choices Program website

If you know me in real life, then you know that I teach at a public school. I don’t know of any other vegan (adults) at my school and most of the student population is not vegan. Today, however, my students and I got a chance to hear an informative presentation given by Lorena Mucke, an educator part of the Ethical Choices Program and long time vegan.

Her talk focused on three main ideas: unveiling the truth behind factory/organic farming, environmental impacts of farms and health consequences of eating an animal based diet. She not only did an excellent job of sharing information, but she also got the students involved and challenged them to think critically about things that they might not have thought about before.

I was happy to connect with a fellow vegan passionate about the things I care about. I was also super proud of my students because they were very open minded and receptive to the information she had to share. Perhaps some seeds were planted today. The Ethical Choice Program can be booked for schools online by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Ethical Choices Program (for schools)

  1. Richgail Enriquez

    Wow that’s awesome! I wish more and more schools would be more open minded and have these kinds of discussion. Did you book it yourself? Kudos to you and to your school.

  2. mrsnikkiv

    As a future teacher myself, I think this is amazing. It’s important that students be exposed to different ways of thinking so that they can evaluate which way is right for them. I applaud your school for allowing that to happen!


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