BBQ tofu ‘za

Erm, hello? I forgot how to write a blog. Things have been hectic…yadda, yadda, yadda…excuses, excuses. But seriously, I’ve been working like crazy and I’ve been all like “blog?! Ain’t nobody got time for dat!!”.  But we’ve been eating and cooking N’s been cooking even with our busy schedules.  This was something super-duper easy that N made on a weeknight.

IMG_2741 _Snapseed

First, he sautéed some pre-pressed tofu with store-bought BBQ sauce and set aside.

IMG_2748 _Snapseed

He spread a mix of tomato sauce and BBQ sauce onto pre-made pizza dough and then sautéed some mushrooms and onions with a little salt, pepper and a smidge of oil.

IMG_2750 _Snapseed

Finally, the pizza construction.  For me, a pizza is not complete without pineapple pieces. No cheese on this bad boy!

IMG_2759 _Snapseed

Below is the pizza straight from the oven. We like our pizzas piled high and big so you gotta use a fork! Go big or go home!

While homemade pizza from scratch is tasty, a mix of pre-made items and fresh foods is just as delicious when time is not aplenty.IMG_2776 _Snapseed


4 thoughts on “BBQ tofu ‘za

  1. feastyoureyesonmyveg

    Looks delish! I need to get a hold of some pre made pizza crusts. I’ve also always wondered about making my own dough and freezing it…no idea if that works. I need help with my pizza addiction (Amy’s cheeseless).


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