Oh my omelette!

I was inspired by my friend Rachel at Former Fish Taco Fanatic to make vegan omelets. And when I say I was inspired to make them, what I really mean is I was inspired to make N make them. Hee.

Actually, I did make the batter. The recipe is based on this one from Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes. We used a bit more tofu, so we ended up adding a bit more of the other ingredients and about 2 tablespoons of extra flour.

N made the filling using Trader Joe Chorizo, bell pepper, mushrooms, and green onions.

He then ladled the batter, let it set for a minute, and then piled on the fillings

along with some Daiya cheddar.

Then he did this flippy-do thing when it was ready and I ate it so hard after that because it was delicious.

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