So stew me!

N has been doing most all of the cooking lately because of my job. The other night he made a comforting tomato-y stew. For the base, he used a couple of cubes of veggie stock mixed with water and a can of diced tomatoes.  He then threw in chopped potatoes, some frozen corn, chopped carrots, broccoli, leftover macaroni, a can of marinated seitan, garlic, thyme and black pepper.

He let it simmer for 20 minutes until it was all stew-y and I was yelling “what smells so good?!” from my office. He served it with some English muffins. The stew made so many leftovers it fed us for the entire weekend, getting thicker with each serving, much like my belly.


6 thoughts on “So stew me!

  1. Cadry's Kitchen

    Oh, this sounds so hearty and filling! I generally cook the meals in our house (although my husband often helps), and so I really appreciate those times when he cooks for me. It’s such a treat to have a homemade meal I didn’t prepare!

  2. pennyparsnip

    YUM! This sounds so much like what I ate all the time in college. I called it “Improv Soup” and it was usually frozen veg, a can of tomatoes, and whatever beans, grains, or pasta I had on hand.


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