Excuse me, can somebody point me to my next meal?

Not to toot my own horn, but when I set my mind on doing something, it gets done. And it gets done well. This weekend I decided to focus on eating all the good foods and having fun. It was tough at times, but I think I did a good job.

I started at Revolution Doughnuts. I was pleased to see they have clearly marked all vegan donuts with a “V”. I picked up a couple of apple fritters, a raspberry sprinkle, dark chocolate and a vanilla.

The apple fritter had real apple bits.

N and I went to the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire  at Georgia Tech later. We went last year and they have definitely grown. The fair is basically a place where a bunch of nerds and creative DIY’ers share and create. There are usually a bunch of robotics and engineering things in addition to crafty things.

Some highlights include watching shirts get screen printed. These cute designs are by Chris Neuenschwander at Noosh Studios,

Chinese calligraphy by Lin Li from the Atlanta Chinese Calligraphy Lovers Association,

eclectic bikes from bike kayaks, double-decker bikes

and a shoe bike that N actually rode. He didn’t fall.

There was also a lot of fun DIY projects for me kids, like mini steam rolling printing

and squishy circuits made out of homemade play-doh!

So much creativity a hungry girl it did make. So later that night, we went to the Atlanta Food Truck Park to watch our friends New Terminus  play (Former Fish Taco Fanatic’s husband is the drummer!) and get some grub.

We ate at the Soul Veg truckbut it was so dark that this is the only decent pic that came out. It’s  the last bit of N’s vegan cheese steak. I had jerk tofu with greens…oh, so good!

On Sunday, we made sure to get to Dough Bakery and Gutenfleischers to get their turkey dinner special before it ended. A hoagie stuffed with mashed taters, thinly sliced “turkey” and smothered with gravy. No words, all drool.

They had festive cupcakes that I couldn’t resist either.

All in all, I’d say a gluttonous job well done!

11 thoughts on “Excuse me, can somebody point me to my next meal?

  1. Amanda

    Man, I am so jealous that you have vegan donuts in your town. I love apple fritters so much, but can’t find them here in vegan form. Your weekend sounds fabulous!

  2. Richgail Enriquez

    You did a pretty good job I gotta say! Tough work but someone’s gotta do it 😉 And isn’t it awesome when donut places also offer vegan options?? I’m currently seeing more of that here in the Bay Area.

  3. Cadry's Kitchen

    Okay, I officially need to get to Georgia ASAP, and I need to find a reason that will sound more legitimate than I’m going for vegan doughnuts. But really, we’ll all know it is actually for the doughnuts. I had no idea that you had access to raised doughnuts! Jealous! Those are so hard to come by in vegan versions, and cake doughnuts have never done it for me. You’re a lucky woman! The maker faire looks like so much fun too! What a great day!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Maybe I can mail you some :-), although I don’t think it would be the same…soooo, you should definitely come to Georgia! We also have Dulce Vegan, Dough Bakery and our own vegan deli (Gutenfleischer’s) so it wouldn’t all be just for the doughnuts 🙂

      1. Cadry's Kitchen

        Why don’t you just mail me some, and then we’ll see if it’s the same? 😉 Who knew Georgia had such vegan bounty?! 😀

  4. veggieterrain

    I love this post, although I have to admit: I have major vegan apple fritter envy!

    You guys look like a blast, by the way. Great blog!


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