The Revolution is here

Vegan Atlanta is about to get even more awesome with a brand new local vegan gelato company called Revolution Gelatos (click for link). N picked up two samples from them the other day.

I have never had gelato pre-vegan so I can’t compare it to dairy-gelato. BUT what I can say is that I am VERY hard to please when it comes to frozen vegan ice-cream-like things. I find that most are just not creamy enough for me. But stop, hold on, wait a minute…

this stuff turned my vegan-frozen-dessert world upside down. I’m scared of what will happen to my belly once it’s on the market because it is freaking delicious and I can see wanting to eat it all the time. It’s uber creamy, rich, buttery and super decadent. My favorite of the two is the espresso but they were both fantastic.

If you’re in Atlanta, drop by Criminal Records today at 5pm. You can try a sample of Revolution Gelatos and meet Hope Larson, the author and artist for the graphic novel “A Wrinkle in Time”.

Image from Criminal Records facebook page. Click on the pic for the link to today’s event!

5 thoughts on “The Revolution is here

  1. Emily

    I just had some Coconut Bliss ice cream tonight, but that gelato looks even better. Espresso would be my fave flavor too.

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