Za: satisfying meal and/or 11 points in Scrabble

Did you know that “za” is an official 2-letter word in scrabble? It’s basically an obnoxious way to say piz-za. Since we recently acquired a pizza stone (or should I say, za stone) from Rachel at Former Fish Taco Fanatic, we decided to test it out by making our own pie with our homegrown basil,

homemade pizza dough (which N can’t remember where he got the recipe from!)

and some fresh sliced tomatoes and Daiya mozzarella. With the pizza stone, we just plopped the raw dough on it, piled on our toppings, baked it and let the stone work its magic. Voila, a beautiful and tasty pizza pie!

I must say the pizza stone is pretty cool (thanks Rachel!). It cooked the dough just right (crisp on the outside and soft on the inside) and homemade dough beats storebought dough in price, taste and texture.


11 thoughts on “Za: satisfying meal and/or 11 points in Scrabble

  1. Mel

    Nothing beats a home made pizza base! Your pizza crust looks so lovely and fluffy, perhaps I should add a pizza stone to my wish list…

  2. Starr

    So that’s what “za” means. I’ve been using it when playing Words With Friends, but keep forgetting to look it up… Your za looks amazing!

  3. Richgail Enriquez

    Wow “Za” is a word on Scrabble?? Who knew. This pizza looks absolutely delicious, homemade is usually best!

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