Vitamins, I take them.

I take vitamins as insurance that I’m getting what I need, because yeah, I don’t eat well 100% of the time especially now as my job picks up again. I’m not a picky gal and my only requirements for a multi-vitamin are:

  • it’s vegan
  • it’s not a gigantic horsey-pill
  • I only have to think about it once a day

I finally found the vitamin that lives up to all that. I’m on my second bottle.

The big thing for me is the size of these multi-vits. Other vitamins I’ve taken, though more potent, were so large that I hated having to choke them down and hence I wouldn’t take them as often as I should have.  Sure, these guys are less potent than those of the horsey-pill variety, but I don’t fear choking on them and so I take them every day.

9 thoughts on “Vitamins, I take them.

  1. Vegan Flower

    We take those as well! I have a very hard time with large pills, too, so these are perfect. Plus, I like that they don’t give you a shit-ton percentage of everything.

  2. Rachel

    I just found out I have a vitamin D deficiency. I already pop a B12 every other day, so I’ll add D to the list (and maybe check out the DEVA multivitamin too).

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