Fruity coconut dip

The other day I noticed that the “best by” date was quickly approaching on this coconut butter. N tends to ignore expiration dates and such but I am strangely obedient when it comes to these things, so I’m trying to find ways to use it up.

This weekend I actually whipped up the coconut fruit dip from the Artisana website. The dip is just a cup of coconut butter blended with fruits, lime juice and some sweetener. The fruits I blended in were some strawberries, peaches and papaya (hence the orange hummus-y color).

Once blended up, it’s like a fruity-coconutty frosting! We schmeared it all over our weekend pancakes and of course, as the recipe instructs, I’ve been dipping fruit in it and enjoying it that way too.

After this jar of coconut butter is used up, I plan to try and make my own.

What are some other easy and delicious ways to use coconut butter?

8 thoughts on “Fruity coconut dip

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      It depends on how you use it I suppose. For this recipe, it is the dominant ingredient, so there is a strong coconut taste. I really like coconuts so I could spread this on bread and be happy.

  1. Cadry's Kitchen

    I only just now learned about the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter. Your fruit dip sounds wonderful! That’s really cool that you can make coconut butter yourself. I’ve had a bag of coconut flakes in my cupboard since Christmas. Making coconut butter looks much easier than making the dessert for which I bought them!

  2. Molly

    My stomach just started growling when I saw your pancakes picture. I might have to get myself some coconut butter next time I’m at the store (and pancake ingredients!).


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