TGI Free-day

Free food app

I use this free app to find vegan recipes based on what I have in the kitchen. I could do this on my computer , but things look way cooler on tiny phone screens. I mainly use the app for inspiration, but sometimes I follow the recipes instead of going rogue like this here tofu and sesame noodle salad  (we added “ham”)

and this creamy cashew macaroni.

Free online vegan starter kit

I’ve added this link to my “vegan resources tab”. Created by Adam Kochanowicz and Sandra Cummings, this kit is educational and informative.  It’s an excellent link to add to blogs and social media sites and to email to the vegan-curious.

Free art

Make art, find art. Every first Friday of the month (that would be today!), there’s an art scavenger hunt in Atlanta thanks to Free Art Friday Atlanta (FAFTL). Using the hints on the FAFTL twitter feed, we’ve found a few pieces in the past. N has even hid his own screen-printed posters and t-shirts around town a few times.

Free market

The first Saturday of every month (that’s tomorrow!), Atlanta holds a Really Really Free Market in Troy Davis/Woodruff Park (1pm) where everything is truly FREE. We went to the one in June and it was a nice respite from the buy-buy-buy culture we live in. People were excited to take home some of the stuff we brought and we were excited to find some interesting reads.

It’s not clear whether there is one this month. I read somewhere they were recently harassed by police even though no laws are being broken. All the more reason to drop by and support “everything for everyone”. Not in Atlanta? There may be one near you.

Happy Free-day!


7 thoughts on “TGI Free-day

  1. Hannah (BitterSweet)

    Fun freebies! I’m definitely downloading that app, since I tend to poke around on my phone when I can’t sleep at night. Recipes are always nice to browse through so I that have ideas to work with in the morning.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      You should totally start some of this in Sacremento! All these were started by individuals or small groups of people. I think the free art thing got started up in the northeast (Chicago?) too.
      EDITED: The other one was started in Detroit, not Chicago.

  2. Bex @ Vegan Sparkles

    Oh my WOW, go Atlanta! I absolutely LOVE the art treasure hunt and the swap market ideas! You’ve inspired me to think about how I could bring some of these ideas to Australia! Brilliant post, thanks for sharing. 🙂


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