Teleportation Salad

Tropical Vacation Withdrawal

 My first mini-comic! Pencils by me. Inking by N.

This is a dish I threw together in an attempt to take me back to my tropical vacation in the Keys…at least in my mouth.

I cooked 1 cup of quinoa (1/2 white, 1/2 red) and let it cool. Then I threw in some chunks of papaya, mango, avocado and some leftover “ham”, and a handful of chopped cilantro. In a separate bowl I whisked together the dressing: macadamia oil infused with chili, key-lime juice, salt and pepper (I can’t remember the measurements because I just poured and pinched and dashed without really thinking).

Then I mixed the dressing with the quinoa and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour before we ate it. To fully recreate the experience, I thought about locating a sandbox and eating this in my swimsuit like a crazy lady. But I didn’t. Never say never though is my motto!


9 thoughts on “Teleportation Salad

  1. Cheerfully Vegan

    Ooooooooohhhhh….I feel your pain at the withdrawal!!! I’ve been back from Hilton Head Island for 5 days and I’m “dying.” I’m SO ready to pack my bags and go back. I miss the sun, sand, and lack of responsibilities for me!! Oh, yeah…and the pool in the back yard. *sniff*

    I guess there is one bright point. We could have gone on vacation to a warm, sunny place during the winter and have had to come back to lousy weather!!! *shudder* There is always a silver lining! lol

  2. Vegan Flower

    Love the comic and this salad looks amazing! I’ve been craving stuff like that for weeks now. Can’t get enough!

  3. * Vegan Sparkles *

    haha, I like your style. And quinoa makes for the BEST salads, doesn’t it! You’re making me miss summer fruits SO BAD. At the moment I am making quinoa salads with sundried tomatoes and the herbed oil that they come in. Nom.

  4. Mel

    I’m always sad after returning home from holidays. What a great idea to make something to take you back to the tropics. It looks lovely and sounds like a winning combination of ingredients! I love the comic too.


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