Portland, I’ll see you in 302 days.

I registered for the 2013 Vida Vegan Con in Portland along with my pal Rachel over at Former Fish Taco Fanatic. Never mind that nearly 10 pages of stuff came up on Google-places search when I looked for “vegan Portland”, I get to spend 3 days surrounded by cool vegan bloggers! I feel like Dorothy going to meet the Wizard of Oz. Based on old VVC posts from other vegan bloggers, it’s going to blow my mind.

I’m excited to get the chance to meet the masterminds behind some spectacular blogs. Bloggers that are all Mr. Miyagiwhile I’m just Danny Larusso…I’ll wax on wax off all day if they’ll be my vegan blogger sensei. I just hope if I do get a chance to meet these talented ladies and gents, I don’t pull a Shy Ronnie.

video still courtesy of NBC.

There’s still time to register I think, so I hope to see you fabulous vegan bloggers there.

See you soon Portland. Only 301 days and 23 hours to go.

16 thoughts on “Portland, I’ll see you in 302 days.

  1. kamellia73

    Speaking for Portland, we will be happy to have you! Oh… there are so many good vegan restaurants here.

  2. jess

    i’m so excited FOR you! annnnd, slightly jealous… i’m going to have to be last minute girl with VVC 2013 because i have no idea whether or not i’ll be up for leaving the wee one {who’ll be only 6 months then} behind for the weekend. hopefully there’ll be a few last minute tickets available just in case!

  3. Richgail Enriquez

    Ahahaha you always have the funniest post which makes YOU the cool one 😉 Too bad I’m going to miss this event, I’ll be out of the country. Bummer.

  4. Katie @ Produce on Parade

    Omg, you are hilarious! And by the way, you obviously have overlooked the fact that YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE COOL VEGAN BLOGGERS! 😀 Sorry for the caps. I was compelled, it couldn’t be helped. I really want to go to the 2014 one but I couldn’t find any info on their website. Do you know anything? Portland is just a hop and a skip from Alaska! 🙂

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Ha ha! I’m glad you enjoy my weird sense of humor. And I am flattered that you think I am one of those cool vegan bloggers. But really, all vegans are pretty darn cool 🙂

      I am not sure about the next VVC. If you check out their facebook page updates, it looks like they are working on getting a contract for a place/location. I would just keep an eye out on their blog and facebook page for updates. I am not sure if it will be held in Portland or not again. I hope that we can both make it where ever it ends up being though! I’d love to meet you!


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