The Florida Keys: Part III

It’s the last installment of our Florida Keys getaway (Part I is here, and Part II is here). For two nights of our stay at Deer Run B&B, we ventured out to Key West. The first evening was a nightmare because the cruise ships were at port so there was a lot of general douchebaggery everywhere.

But there were some nice chickens hanging out amongst the crazies.

In the eye of the drunken storm that was Key West, we found refuge at The Cafe. We snagged a cozy booth where we saw a hand drawn postcard from someone in Atlanta.

I started with a fresh lemonade with agave and mint and we shared the vegan spring rolls.

For my entrée, I got the Udon bowl which was a behemoth of a meal. The picture doesn’t convey the hugeness of this meal. It was like food for a giant.

It was really tasty though and full of my favorite veggies like shiitake mushrooms, edamame and seaweed. In fact, I want some now.

N got the BBQ tofu with caramelized onion sandwich special with a bean salad on the side. It was normal human sized food.

After dinner, we walked around. I couldn’t tell if this dog was real or not when I first walked up because he was so still. He was real.

Pedicabs were everywhere due to the cruise crowds and the exorbitant parking fees everywhere in Key West. I wonder if pedicab drivers have colorful stories to tell like cab drivers. I bet they do.

The second night we went to Key West was thankfully much calmer because it was a weeknight and there were no cruise ships. We ate at The Cafe again, but just shared a bunch of small starters and sides. From top to bottom: Cold peanut noodles, un-Wing dings (the bleu cheese served with it is NOT vegan), and spinach gyoza dumplings. Nom.

There was room for dessert that night so we split the vegan coconut cake.

After dinner, we went to see our friends in the Mike Lowry Band play at Hog’s Breath.

Since we were leaving the next morning *sniff sniff*, we didn’t stay for the whole set. While walking back to the car though, we found these giant and life-sized statues all around the outside of the Key West Art and History Museum.

We also saw a lot of stray kitties.

It was definitely bittersweet to leave the Keys. Who would ever want to leave a relaxing vacation so full of beautiful nature and bursting with vegan-ness?

But, coming home to this was good too.

CLICK here for Part I of the Florida Keys.

CLICK here for Part II of the Florida Keys.


10 thoughts on “The Florida Keys: Part III

  1. Rachel in Veganland

    You have no idea how green with envy you’ve made me! I can’t imagine a more beautiful vacation! Oh and I nominated you for an award! 🙂 Check out my post to claim it! 🙂

  2. cameraphonevegan

    i’m SO glad you posted this. i haven’t been to the keys in years, even though i live in fort lauderdale, and had some days off coming up near my birthday. someone suggested going to the keys yesterday, and then i saw your posts!

  3. roughseasinthemed

    If I ever get to America the Keys is on my list (along with the Everglades). At least I now know there is a) somewhere good to stay and b) to eat. I looked at the recipes for the cafe, they were a bit heavy on the cheese 😦 – I couldn’t believe they did a seitan sandwich with cheese, that sounds vile to me. And all the fish too! But still at least they did have lots of vegan options.

    Your first and last photos are equally wonderful.

  4. Sophie33

    I have never been to the USa before but you win me over with your lovely Florida posts!
    This was such a lovely read & the last 2 pictures of your cat & dogs looks so cute!


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