The Florida Keys: Part I

We’re back from our vacation in the Florida Keys! First stop was a night in Miami where we ate at Choices Cafe. Choices Cafe is a small eat-in or take away place. The service was great and the food was excellent.

N had the “Chicken” Homie Wrap (a generous side salad was served with each entrée).

I had the VA’s Insane Mexican Wrap which had black beans/quinoa, soy chorizo, pico de gallo, plantains, sautéed onion, bell pepper and Daiya Cheese . It was most definitely “insane” in the best possible way.

For dessert, we had mini raw key lime tarts! We also got a brownie to go for later that night, but I forgot to get a pic.

The next morning, we drove to our main destination…Big Pine Key.

Satellite view of our drive.

View from the car of our drive.

At Big Pine Key, we stayed at the very eco-friendly and VEGAN Deer Run Bed and Breakfast. From the vacuum flush composting toilet to the compost bin outside our room and the recycled art and furniture, Jen and Harry (the owners) are serious when it comes to being good stewards for the earth. Plus, did I mention it’s a VEGAN bed and breakfast?

We stayed in the garden front room Eden. Directly outside our covered patio was a whimsical and peaceful garden.

Outside the garden, there were other interesting things to see on the property.

Beach chairs and tub that the Key deer often drank from.

Cuban refugees came to Deer Run’s shore some time ago on a hand built boat.

There were beautiful beach views from onshore at Deer Run,

Mangrove trees offshore from Deer Run.

The breakfast view. One day we even saw a waterspout!

as well as offshore.

View from the kayak provided by Deer Run.

So, did I mention that Deer Run is a vegan B&B?  Jen’s food is off the charts delicious. I could wax poetic about her food all day, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves. WARNING: drool-inducing food porn ahead.

Two vegan cookies on our bed upon arrival. The other one was already in my stomach for this pic.

Every morning Jen posts a detailed menu of the delicious eats.

Almond scones (2 each!)

Peaches and Cream smoothie.

Coconut oat waffles and fruit with key-lime mousse.

Ooey-gooey chocolatey goodness muffin.

Frittata with roasted seasoned potatoes, cornbread and fresh fruit.

Pancakes with fruit and a blueberry muffin (not shown because I was too enamored with the new guests from Finland that morning and was busy chatting with them.)

The breakfasts were large enough that we could skip a “real” lunch and just snack during the day. Jen and Harry provided us with stuff to pack up leftovers to enjoy later. It was also a real treat to chat with Jen and Harry each morning. They gave us recommendations on what to do each day and all the vegan-friendly places to eat. Their reasons for being vegan align with ours and it’s always cool to chat with like-minded folk.

Another cool thing about Deer Run are all the animals around the property including Angel, the owners’ rescued bird. He is a very happy and chatty bird.

Peri, the neighbor’s super friendly cat. Peri was often waiting for us in our parking spot when we got in from an evening out.

And of course the endangered Key deer are constantly roaming around the beaches and the property. They were very peaceful to be around and though we didn’t pet or feed them (not supposed to), they didn’t seem scared of us and would often be doing their thing just yards from where we sat.

Meeting of the secret Key Deer society.

We were sad to leave Deer Run after three nights. We wanted to do more kayaking, give the bikes (provided by Deer Run) a go, do more reading by the beach and just do more relaxing. So, we will visit again. Jen and Harry are the nicest people and their love and passion for this place and the animals was evidenced by how wonderfully nice our stay was. We highly recommend a stay at Deer Run B&B, this place will not disappoint.

CLICK here for Deer Run Bed and Breakfast website

CLICK here for Deer Run Facebook Page

Stay tuned for part II which will include things we did and ate near Big Pine Key.

13 thoughts on “The Florida Keys: Part I

  1. Richgail Enriquez

    Wow! Vegan Bed & Breakfast sounds like paradise (and looks like it too!). The Mexican wrap looks so delicious and the Mango tree and water spout looks captivating and very picturesque. All of your photos make me want to visit the place myself. Btw, what kind of application did you use for the collage?

  2. Sophie33

    What an amazing bed & breakfast that you stayed in. They provide such good food & what a great location too! 😉 A vegna b&b sounds amazing! 🙂 The deer look cute & your pictures are so cool too!

  3. Cadry's Kitchen

    Yes, I actually gasped when I saw that you stayed at Deer Run B&B. It’s a dream of mine to take a vacation there, and all of your photos have only increased that! It looks like it was a wonderful getaway, and how great to be around people whose values mirror your own. Plus, it’s great to support the businesses of likeminded, compassionate people!

  4. Kinenchen

    I LOVE Choices… because they deliver! VA’s insane Mexican wrap is Brent’s favorite. I love the thinner mint smoothie! We’ve also been talking about going to Big Pine Key for a vacation not unlike yours… thanks for checking out for us!

  5. elle

    Oh my gosh, that must’ve been the best vacation ever! The photos are fantastic! haha I had no idea there was even such a thing as a vegan B&B =P It looks soo cool though 😀

  6. Vegan Flower

    Wow, what a wonderful trip! Deer Run looks like paradise. You’re so lucky to have stayed there! Just gorgeous all around and all of the food looks fantastic.

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  8. cameraphonevegan

    one of our friends works at choices, and makes some of the desserts! i haven’t been down there yet, but it is now a MUST. i’m also going to look inot the B&B. a vegan B&B with bikes and kayaks. oh yes.


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