So fresh and so clean, clean

I’m leaving on a jet plane soon, so I spent some time in the kitchen re-upping on toiletries for my trip. In addition to my trusty sugar scrub, I made a second batch of a face cleanser and tried out a recipe for bug spray.

This face cleanser is something I dreamt up about 3 weeks ago using stuff that works for my skin. FYI, my skin is somewhere between a prepubescent boy’s and sandpaper, dream skin really. To make the cleanser, I used 3 tbs of kukui oil from Oils of Aloha, 4 tsp of castille soap from Mountain Rose Herbs,  2 tsp vegetable glycerin and 1 tsp of jojoba oil.

Stir it all up and funnel into used pump bottle. I’m using an empty 2 oz bottle from Shea Terra Organics and it filled up 3/4 of the bottle. Before each use, I shake the bottle a bit to ensure its mixed properly.

I wanted this cleanser to be moisturizing, so it bubbles when agitated with water without taking me all the way over to sudsy town. Don’t be fooled though, this stuff does clean.

Since I had all the skin stuff out, I also made a bug spray from this recipe. I don’t know how well this works yet, but it sure smells like it will work.

So now I’m all set with my homemade goods for my body in TSA approved 3.4 ounces or smaller bottles…I am a flying master.

Though I am excited for the change in scenery, I will miss these guys terribly.

11 thoughts on “So fresh and so clean, clean

  1. Kinenchen

    This is AWESOME! I love your home-made bug spray. I’m dying to get off the Off! but it’s the only thing that works for me and I’m apparently delicious to bugs. Would you update on how well it works?

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Well, I didn’t really use it enough in FL to observe. I kept forgetting to put it on. The few times I did remember to put some on, I didn’t get bit by anything but it could have been just because we weren’t really doing anything where I would get bit anyways. I will say that it does have a good consistency. The witch hazel lets it stick to the skin well. The smell fades pretty quickly so I’m not sure what that means. Harry, the innkeeper at Deer Run had these B12 (I think?) patches that he said work really well for bug bites.

      1. Kinenchen

        Good to know. I get bitten at WORK! I’ll be sitting at my desk in our frigid laboratory and they find me and bite me. I usually spray the hems of my shirt and jeans but I don’t want to put chemicals on my skin… le sigh

  2. Richgail Enriquez

    Whoah! This is especially timely for me. I have been contemplating about getting a new facial cleanser since I ran out but I never got around buying one. I guess good thing I waited, I’d like to try this “recipe” for the face. Thanks for sharing and have a safe, enjoyable trip!

  3. Vegan Simplicity

    Awesome! I love the idea of actually knowing what’s going on your skin, instead of buying that yucky-tested-on-animals stuff you get at the drugstore!

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  5. kate

    l cant wait to try this!! I make my own deo and tooth powder, use solid shampoo and conditioner and the only thing left in a tube is face cleanser so i am excited to see if this works for me. I also have combination skin and sensitive!


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