Noshing for the masses

Once upon a time, we tried to attend an Atlanta Underground Market (AUM) event. When we arrived at the super secret destination, we saw a long line wrapped around the building. So much for super secret. I didn’t like the idea of waiting in line wasting my time for various reasons. What if the food sucked? What if the food ran out? What if I had to pee? We ended up eating somewhere else, disguising our disappointment in the turn of events by laughing at the hipsters still in line at the AUM (*see footnote).

Well,  AUM has changed its ways from an elite foodie club to an accessible (read FREE) low-key affair that I can get behind. They’ve even changed their name from AUM to the Atlanta Nosh. The fabulous Former Fish Taco Fanatic suggested that we eat there along with our friend A.

My favorite booth was Pure Abundance because everything was vegan!

I got the Mango Tango taco

and the Buffalo Bleu taco.

Next we stopped at the eatWOWza stand for some vegan dumplings and “pineapple delight” juice. Yum!

I thought it would be clever if we took pics of each other at the same time to post in our blogs. Bloggers and their cameras…sheesh.

Next was some avocado and papaya gazpacho from Smok One Barbecue.

Finally dessert. A vegan fudge brownie from….(Ack, I can’t remember! Please forgive me mysterious baker). It photographed like poo but tasted delish.

And of course we got some King of Pops.  I got the green apple limeade and A and R got the blackberry ginger lemonade. Oh yeah. He’s the king. Of pops.

I’d do this again. The food didn’t blow me away but it was good, moderately priced and something different to do.

*Note, that in using the word “hipsters” I have inadvertently lumped myself in that group because as N points out, only hipsters use the term “hipsters”.  But really, who cares? Labels are stupid. See what I did there?

13 thoughts on “Noshing for the masses

  1. An Unrefined Vegan

    I do have to laugh at myself – blogger w/ a camera – it does get a little absurd sometimes. However, we readers certainly benefit from learning about this cool project and seeing some pretty tasty-looking vittles.

  2. Kinenchen

    This is AWESOME! Brent and I are going to be in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend… we might have to track you and these awesome food places you find down for some giggles and camaraderie!

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  4. Pure Abundance (@FoodForEveryone)

    Thank you for your kind words and for liking our tacos! Your pictures are great; do you mind if I use them on our blog (giving you credit of course)? I hope you’ll enjoy many more future Noshes and many more delicious tacos. See you soon!

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