Growing a green thumb

Inspired by the lovely Former Fish Taco Fanatic, we decided to grow some tomatoes and basil a couple of weeks ago. Despite my fears of exposing my ineptness at plant growing, we found ourselves at a real plant store, Farmer D Organics. I am so glad we went there because the people at Farmer D’s were incredibly nice, helpful and enthusiastic! They explained to me exactly which plants would work well in a pot, how to plant and water them and even how to correctly harvest the basil.

When we brought our plants home, N did most of the “dirt”y work, while I took pics.


For our pot, we purchased a wash tub from the local hardware store. N drilled drainage holes in the bottom.


We filled up the pot with the organic potting soil from Farmer D’s and popped in the plants. Here is what they looked like when we first potted them.


Normally, I’m not so good with plants. I usually kill them, but these guys are actually growing quite steadily. There are no tomatoes yet, but at the rate they are growing I should be able to make fresh bruschetta soon!

Though the plants are shooting up, there are some small to large holes in my basil leaves. I have relocated several small bugs from the basil every now and then, so I can only guess that it is those guys who are enjoying my basil. I would love to hear advice from others on how to control insects on plants without the use of pesticides.


Until next time, happy Friday!



12 thoughts on “Growing a green thumb

  1. Pixie

    Marvelous! I need to get some plants, too. I have planted basil in the past, but didn’t know there was a “right” and “wrong” way to harvest it. Please share?

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I don’t think there really is a “wrong” way…I just don’t know a thing about planting 😛 What she showed me however, was to pinch and cut a certain level down the stem making sure to have stems long enough to stick in cup of water. She recommended storing the basil just like a flower…sticking the stem in a cup of water until use. She also told me that harvesting the leaves on top would allow more outward growth since the leaves on bottom would have more access to sun.

      1. Pixie

        That’s good to know! I always have trouble using it fast enough and it starts to bolt/flower. I always pinch that off so that it lasts longer.

  2. grainorshine

    If you want to control the aphids, get some lady bugs to help you out! We planted a little box garden a few months ago and have similar issues. Yours looks so great! Enjoy 🙂

  3. Rachel in Veganland

    Hooray for container gardening! Love your container too, what a great DIY project that can have some delicious results!

  4. Sophie33

    We have a garden & have placed all our courgettes plants in pots. I have sown them all from seed, 2.5 months ago. My plants are big & producing courgettes already! 🙂 Cool pics!

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